Top Ten Tuesday: Top Five Characters Who I Want to Be For Halloween


I’m going to do something a little different for this special holiday-themed Top Ten Tuesday – rather than showing on graphics or covers or whatever, I’m going to try and find actual, real clothes that you could buy online that would fit all the characters I have on this list! Because this takes a really freaking long time to do, though, I’m only doing five characters – sorry! Anyway, of course you could also find plenty of things at a thrift shop, which would be a lot cheaper, but I need things I can find online to use for this, which is obviously going to be a little more expensive. But who cares – you can still look at all the pretty clothes! On with the costumes!

Oh, and click on the pictures to see the websites where you can buy them! Just tell me if any of the links aren’t working!

1. Hermione Granger


I actually have been Hermione in the past (probably late elementary or early middle school, I can’t remember for sure), but I went with an outfit that looked more like the Hogwarts uniforms in the movies. For something a little different, you can get a black skirt like this one from Modcloth, which you could totally wear other times, this shirt that refers to an unforgettable Hermione quote from Etsy, and one of the many versions of Hermione’s wand! This seems like a fairly recognizable costume – at least, for Harry Potter fans who have many of the quotes memorized.

2. Luna Lovegood


You can go with the same skirt for Luna, but there are also some fun accessories that are specific to her character, like her special glasses and a necklace with one of her greatest lines! I actually plan on being Luna for Halloween while I’m passing out candy, and while I don’t think that I’ll get anything as interesting as a replica of Luna’s wand, but I think it’ll be fun anyway!

3. Ruby Oliver


I looked at E. Lockhart’s Pinterest board for Ruby Oliver for inspiration. There’s her trademark fishnet tights, of course, and some vintage-inspired clothing and shoes. I’d want to wear these anytime things any time of the year, but it’d still be a really fun costume!

4. Lola Nolan


Lola from Lola and the Boy Next Door loves wigs and interesting outfits, so I checked out the Halloween shop on Modcloth and just looked for fun things that I thought Lola would like, like this cobweb-esque dress, a simple button-down with two blinking eyes, and bat high heels.

5. Evie O’Neill


Evie from The Diviners was fun to do because she’s a 1920s girl who loves the glitz and glamor of the Jazz Age in New York City, so I looked at some of the cool vintage outfits they had for the 1920s on Modcloth (I have yet to buy anything from that site, but I really, really want a lot of things!). I wanted to make sure I found a dress that didn’t have a waist, because I know that ’20s dresses weren’t cinched in like the corseted dresses that came before them. I added some colorful heels even though I don’t know how historically accurate they are, and that headband just looked so pretty even though I only know that girls all bobbed their hair in the name of fashion during that era.


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