Discussion: The Fun of Organizing My Bookshelves


I’m sure I’m not the only book lover who loves organizing and rearranging my bookshelves almost as much as I enjoy reading the books on them. I’m not one of those lucky people who has a wall full of bookshelves, but I do have three bookshelves of varying sizes and fullness that I love messing with as soon as I have a new stack of books, which is about twice a year or so. And, since one of those three bookshelves was recently acquired and I thus got to have a fun half hour or so rearranging things again, I thought it would be a perfect thing to focus on in a discussion as well!

I’m one of those people who has a system to my bookshelves, but it’s a pretty relaxed system that can often be affected by how big a book or series is or something as fleeting as my mood.

You see, my bookshelves aren’t just full of books – they’re also the place where I put many assorted belongings, like trinkets I’ve collected from vacation or whatever. I have some children’s books still there, journals, comic books (Sunday comics, not DC or Marvel or whatever), yearbooks, school books – really, there are a lot of other things to cram in around the books I regularly read. I also have cats who can reach many of the shelves, which means I have to be careful about the fragile and dangling things – a pink, wire Eiffel Tower that I got at a friend’s birthday party back in middle school and that currently houses all of my necklaces hanging off it is all the way on the top shelf, and even that worries me sometimes (the younger cat is very energetic when she wants to be).

So, my systems of organizing my books can be ever changing – which is probably one of the reasons I always have fun taking everything down and rearranging them. For now, I’m happy with the way everything is, but who knows how long that’ll last?

Anyway, on with the pictures – because it’s much more interesting to look at books than read about someone talking about them, right? Well, I hope you like doing that too, otherwise there isn’t much point to this blog. Regardless, on with the not-so-great-quality pictures of my beloved bookshelves!

This is my main and oldest bookshelf. When I was younger I shared a room with my sister and we had a small, green bookshelf, but when my parents moved bedrooms and I got their old one, that bookshelf stayed with my sister and I got the bookshelf that had been in my parents’ bedroom. There are some unpictured shelves below that you can barley see, but it’s the two three rows that are mostly dedicated to books. They’re mostly books that I reread regularly or semi-regularly, but there are also some old school books, fairy tale books, comic books, and other assorted books on the bottom two shelves. These shelves are also full of all those assorted things that I already mentioned, like a little music box that plays a song from The Nutcracker up on the top shelf.

Right next to that bookshelf on the other wall is a smaller one that I got maybe a year ago from a family friend who was moving. It has all the rest of my school books (really all the ones I don’t feel like rereading), some more childhood books, and lots of magazines. It’s right next to my side table that houses my to-read stack (which is all library books at the moment), and there are more assorted things like little bubble containers from various weddings scattered along the shelves.

This is my newest and proudest bookshelf because it’s right on the other side of my bed and now houses all of my favorite books. Everything looks all neat and organized, which makes me happy. The top shelf has a bunch of standalones which I put in alphabetical order by author so that I didn’t have to decide which books I liked best; the next two shelves have things organized by series, all based on which ones fit best; and the bottom shelf has a combination of series and standalones in an attempt to fit everything neatly. The very bottom shelf has nothing in it because I want cats to curl up on it (as they have in the past) and generally be adorable, as cats tend to do. There are less decorations on this shelf since it seems a little less stable – I only stuck things in to keep books from toppling over. And why yes, those are wine bottles on the top shelf, even though I can’t technically drink from them until next month – whenever my parents get interesting and pretty wine bottles, I claim them to decorate my room.

And there you have it – my unreliable but fun way of organizing my bookshelves, with a glimpse at my two-toned bedroom at the same time (two walls are green, two are blue – I was and am very happy with that decision)! It’s interesting to see how many different ways people can store and display their books, and it’s my hope that I never stop having fun rearranging and organizing my bookshelves!


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