New Reads: Rewind Edition (6)


I haven’t done one of these in a while and wanted to show off the pretty new graphic for it, so here’s another New Reads: Rewind where I highlight older books that I also want to check out! I’m also tweaking it a little, so we’ll see if I like this format better or not.

MurderOnTheOrientExpressMurder on the Orient Express (Agatha Christie) – published in 1934

What is it about? It’s kind of obvious – this is another mystery from the famed Agatha Christie, this time about a murder on a train, the Orient Express. A millionaire is murdered in a locked room – so who did it?

Why haven’t I read it before? I don’t like classics very much, which is why I’ve challenged myself to reading Adult Books (and I want to try reading more classics next year), so it’s not surprising that I haven’t read this book that was published many, many decades before I was born.

Why do I want to read it now? Luckily, I’ve slowly learned that the adult books I tend to prefer are mysteries, and after enjoying another of Agatha Christie’s most popular books (And Then There Were None), I figured this was a pretty safe bet.

Size12IsNotFatSize 12 is Not Fat (Meg Cabot) – published in 2005

What is it about? Heather Mills is a former pop idol who is now the size of an average American woman and is working at a college dorm where a girl mysteriously dies – and Heather thinks it’s murder, even though no one else believes her.

Why haven’t I read it before? Well, as I’ve mentioned many times, I don’t read a lot of adult books – well, I didn’t read any before I challenged myself to read at least ten this year. I’ve already discovered that I like mysteries, and this sounds like a fluffier mystery, so it made sense to put it on the list.

Why do I want to read it now? Um, did you see who it’s by – Meg Cabot! YA Queen! With two upcoming continuations that will be adult (The Mediator and The Princess Diaries), I need to see what I think of her adult books – plus, it just sounds like a fun book!

DramaramaDramarama (E. Lockhart) – published in 2007

What is it about? Diversity (race and sexuality) and a summer drama camp – and written by the amazing mind behind Ruby Oliver? Do I really need to say much more?

Why haven’t I read it before? Despite all those great things I just listed, I’m a little scared to read this book. You see, I haven’t had the greatest track record with E. Lockhart outside of Ruby Oliver – I thought The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks was okay but not a favorite and I only got a little into We Were Liars before I decided to try it again another time – so I’m a little scared to read another non-Ruby Oliver book. I even had this book checked out from the library earlier and was too scared to read it (and had a lot of other books, of course), so I still need to try it.

Why do I want to read it now? Just by rereading the summary, I’m intrigued again, which is definitely a sign that I need to finally read this book, even if I’m scared.

HoldStillHold Still (Nina LaCour) – published in 2010

What is it about? A girl dealing with the death (suicide?) of her best friend.

Why haven’t I read it before? I hadn’t heard a lot about this book; it wasn’t until I read and loved Everything Leads to You that I knew I had to check out other books from Nina LaCour.

Why do I want to read it now? Well, see the aforementioned loving-Everything-Leads-to-You bit. I want to read the other book published by LaCour, but only if I really enjoy this book as well since the premise of this book intrigues me more.

ThePipersSonThe Piper’s Son (Melina Marchetta) – published in 2010

What is it about? This is a companion to the amazing Saving Francesca, which I read last month and loved (obviously, considering my use of the word “amazing); this particular book is about a character from SF, Thomas Mackee, who was one of the many characters that I grew to love and is now in a not so good place after dropping out of school and dealing with family drama.

Why haven’t I read it before? Well, considering I just read my first Melina Marchetta book, it’s really not that surprising that I haven’t read the companion book to another one of her books. That being said, the main reason I haven’t snapped it up as soon as I finished SF is because I am a little scared – what if I don’t love it as much and it mars my experience of SF a bit, knowing how the characters end up in a new book?

Why do I want to read it now? Despite my worries, though, I really do want to reconnect with these characters I recently discovered and loved – plus, I see many 4 and 5 star reviews from friends and people I follow on Goodreads, so that seems like a pretty good sign!

NowYouSeeMeNow You See Me (S.J. Bolton) – published in 2011

What is it about? This is another mystery, this time a contemporary one that involves a murder that has similarities to the Jack the Ripper murders, and the killer seems to have a connection with the protagonist, Lacey Flint.

Why haven’t I read it before? I hadn’t heard about this book at all until I read a positive review for the third (maybe?) book in the series in a magazine and checked out this book on Goodreads.

Why do I want to read it now? Mysteries just seem to be my thing right now when it comes to adult fiction, and this one has a female detective, which seems a bit rare to me at this point (which is to say that I have very little experience in adult fiction/mysteries, so obviously don’t take my word on it!


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