Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten New(ish) Series I Want to Start


Technically this topic is supposed to be about new series that have started in the past one or two years, but since I didn’t have nearly enough of those, I went with ten series in general – and why yes, I did add some books to my TBR simply to have 10 series. I’m dedicated!

Even though historical books typically aren’t my thing (even though the few I read can often be loads of fun for me – I guess I’m good at picking out a select few?), I love the Tudor era, and these books are just that, plus they’ve had some good reviews pouring in lately that point to these books being fun and dramatic reads.

See? This series isn’t remotely now, but whatever. I’m hoping that the books will be easier to deal with the gore and violence and such – I’ve only seen the pilot of the show so far and I spent much of it hiding behind my hands worried that there would be a surprise beheading or something (actually, I’m pretty sure there was a beheading, but at least you knew it was probably coming). These books are massive, though, and the series isn’t finished yet, so I don’t know how soon until I finally read the first book.

This is an adult mystery series that I discovered in a magazine. The first book involves a Jack the Ripper-esque murderer, which sounds quite intriguing, although I’m sure it’ll be terrifying as well. I don’t know much about the series otherwise, but I know that mysteries seem to interest me more than adult literary fiction, so I’m willing to give it a shot.

Look! Another adult mystery series, but I’m sure most people recognize this series. I love Sherlock and the Sherlock Holmes with Robert Downey Jr. TV show and movies respectively, so it’d be nice to actually check out the books they’re based on.

These books sound like they’ll make me sob at least once while reading them and they’re historical books involving war, but despite those things that make me weary of these books, I’ve just heard way too many good things not to at least read the first book – it just might take me a while to pluck up the courage to pick it up.

I had the first book in this series from the library but I just never managed to get to it before it was due back, so I’ll have to get it again. It just sounds like a fun and fluffy series, and the fact that it’s all about seniors (thus the superlatives for the yearbook), so I’m hoping it’ll have some reality checks for them, like figuring out what they want to do post-college and adjusting to all the scary changes coming up. But mostly I want a fun and fluffy series.

Meg Cabot! I haven’t read any of her adult series, so I really think I should remedy that. This sounds like the more interesting of her two series that I put on this list – it involves a former pop idol who now apparently have to solve murders after a girl mysteriously dies at the dorm she works at. Sounds like a winner to me!

This is another adult series from her, but it sounds even fluffier – but that’s not a bad thing, especially coming from Meg Cabot!

Why yes, this was a series that I added to my TBR list simply to have 10 series. This is a YA paranormal series that was published 5-ish years ago, so it might be horribly clichéd and simply attempting to jump on the paranormal bandwagon, but the books have always caught my eye at the library and it’s been one of my Goodreads recommendations for a while, so I figure I should at least give the first book a chance.

This book has an asterisk because I might have already started this series since I’m writing this list at the beginning of October (see? I’m being so productive!), but as I’ve mentioned, I had trouble coming up with ten series, so I’m keeping this on here no matter what. This series is definitely Maggie Stiefvater’s most popular series right now and has a lot of praise going for it, so I think I should really give it a try.


2 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten New(ish) Series I Want to Start

  1. I love Meg Cabot’s adult series (actually more than most of her YA series, which I also love as well!) The Heather Wells series in particular is really good, especially the first two books, perfectly blending her trademark sassy writing style with a mystery element that can be dark at times. I hightly recommend them! My TTT

    1. Ooh, that gets me even more excited, because I really love some of her YA books! And YES, sassy writing style with a mystery element – that’s exactly what I want! 😀

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