Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Places Books Have Made Me Want to Visit


For this topic, I decided to do both fictional and real places that I want to visit – it’d be too depressing to only choose fictional places that I can’t go to, but there are just so many good ones that I just had to use, so I needed to do a mixture! First I’ll do the real places, then I’ll do all the fun, fictional ones!


Mostly I want to live in a house boat even just for a week like Ruby’s family does, but I’ll go ahead and say that I wouldn’t mind visiting all of Seattle as well while I’m at it. E. Lockhart also apparently used some real life places in her books, like the B&O restaurant that Ruby and her friends frequent, so that’d be cool to see some of these actual places that I’ve read about.


Just One Day obviously isn’t the only YA book that’s written about traveling in France, but it was the one that really made me want to go back. Allison is taking French lessons and preparing to find Willem and all of that, and even though I didn’t support her obsession with Willem (I know, I know, how could I care so little about him? But I did), I loved getting to see Allison find a goal to work for, doing things for herself rather than her parents or anyone else.


Watching the Princess Diaries movie always makes me want to go to San Francisco (which is ironic, when you consider the next book on this list…), but this is a book list, so the fabulous Lola it is! San Francisco just sounds like the perfect place for the unique Lola and it would be great to see the town in person – especially since I’ve never even been to anywhere on the West Coast!


And here’s where the book version of Princess Diaries takes place: in good ol’ New York City. I live much closer to NYC than California, but I’ve never been there as well, and I figure it’s a place I should visit at least once in my life, even though I know that big city living probably wouldn’t be the place for me – which is why visiting is so much better!


Once again, there are many other books I’ve read that take place in Australia that make me want to visit it, but Saving Francesca is the book I read most recently and really loved, so it gets chosen! Anyway, this book doesn’t focus on Australia as “other” because it’s written about a girl who’s lived in Australia all her life by an Australian author, but it makes me want to visit Australia and feel like I belong there as well!


This location is a actual, real place – I think. Carmel or Carmel-By-The-Sea (not sure if the long name is the correct one or simply decorative) is a real place that Meg Cabot visited when she was writing the Mediator books – I think. Either way, it just sounds like such an interesting place (if it’s real), and if it’s fictional, then I want to go there to meet Suze and Jesse because obviously I can.


Mostly I want to go to the apartment building that is home to most of the characters in this book because I want to meet all the characters in this book. They’re an eclectic bunch that is diverse, complex, and entertaining and I just want to meet them all and help them solve the Westing Game even though I’ve read the book so many times that I know how the game ends already.


Hmm, forgot the border on this picture – oh well. I don’t care how dangerous and slightly scary this camp sounds – I would actually want to go to this camp that is the home of Greek demi-gods like Percy Jackson! I’d want to be the daughter of Artemis since she was always my favorite goddess, but since she’s a virgin goddess and thus has no children, I think being the daughter of Demeter, Athena, or Hermes would be pretty cool as well.



If you’ve read and loved Harry Potter like me, then you probably don’t need any more explanation than that. If you haven’t, then I envy you because you have the chance to read the books for the first time if you so choose (no pressure, though).


And it would be a great second place to go to the wonderful home that produced gems like Ginny, Ron, and Fred & George. The house just sounded so interesting in the books and the little bits you get to see in the movie are just as magical and interesting. The only thing I have to complain about is when the sixth movie took out the final battle scene and instead burned down the Burrow. You do not get to do that! There was absolutely no point to it all! You could have stuck to the book and done what it did – namely, not burning down the Burrow!

Not that I’m bitter about that or anything…

All the pictures came from We Heart It.


9 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Places Books Have Made Me Want to Visit

  1. Carmel, that is completely a place I wanted to visit growing up. I thought it would be amazing and the houses would be pretty and that I could totally rock it out there like Suze, I can’t believe I forgot that place. I love your list, so many places I agree and want to visit because of books but can’t believe I forgot.

    1. I recently reread the books this past summer, so that certainly helped keep it fresh on my mind! I’m sure it’s gorgeous there – and if it came with Suze and Jesse to hang out with, I would be even happier there!

    1. I know! It makes me even madder since they took out the big battle as well – it doesn’t seem like it helps the story at all by changing things like that, and it’s just so horrible to see the poor Burrow burning and Mrs. and Mr. Weasley all sad and such as it burns!

    1. That doesn’t surprise me at all! We don’t want too many people crowding Hogwarts, though – how on earth could we have a good time if the castle was packed with bloggers and readers in every available space? Oh, who am I kidding – we’d all have a blast anyway!

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