Mini-Reviews: September


WishYouWereItalianPart of the reason I didn’t really care about this book was all my fault, I can admit that. I initially had this book about a month or two ago and didn’t get around to reading it until the ebook was about to expire from the library, so I tried reading it all in a short period of time but just wasn’t interested enough, so I returned it and put it on hold already. Unfortunately, by the time my hold came in, I had forgotten some of it and just wasn’t interested. I skipped ahead to the last chapter and skimmed it to see that I just wasn’t interested enough to read everything that came before it.

I think this could be a really cute, foreign-setting-exploring book if that’s what you want, but it wasn’t engaging enough for me. The main character didn’t interest me enough and the romance seemed a bit obvious. There was parental drama and the need for change, but it didn’t feel like there was anything special to keep my attention.

So, this just wasn’t the book for me. It wasn’t that it was bad, it just didn’t interest me and certainly wasn’t helped by the month-long break in between readings.


BreatheAnnieBreatheThis will be an unorthodox review because it’s not really a review. If you read my discussion post yesterday, you’ll know that I was reading this book last month while I was dealing with health issues and wasn’t always in the mood to read. I had been excited about reading this book, so when I had trouble getting into it, rather than getting sad and DNFing it because I wasn’t interested, I decided to set it aside for now.

Even though I wasn’t in the same position as Annie even remotely – losing someone close to you and trying to run a terrifying full marathon in a few months – there were some things that reminded me of how crummy I felt, mainly the way Annie was having health troubles with all the running and such. I know it wasn’t the same, but I just needed to put this book aside and come back to it when I was feeling better and able to enjoy this book more.

So, this is a special case where it is completely all my fault that I wasn’t into this book so I’m saving the poor thing from being DNFed and will get back to it in a few months hopefully!

Verdict: Set Aside – For Now


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