Monthly Rewind: September


My Month in Review

So, yeah, I kind of disappeared – sorry about that. I don’t want to go into great detail, but I will explain things a bit: basically, I had a nervous kerfuffle. That’s my way of putting it, because I definitely didn’t have a nervous breakdown, but I did have some problems that I have to deal with, namely anxiety. I think it’s been a problem for years now, and got worse in the past year or so, but it wasn’t until my junior year of college started up that things got really bad. I had some unrelated (I think, anyway) and unexpected problems with my blood sugar that almost led to me passing out in class even though I had had breakfast that morning, and I think the anxiety over that and my food intake made everything else worse and I started to have anxiety attacks – not as bad as a panic attack where I couldn’t breathe, but I would feel like I was going to pass out because I was so freaked out and stressed and such. So, I went to my school’s counselling services and decided that the best thing for me right now would be to take a break from school for the semester and change my major (I was an AYA Language Arts major, which means high school English, and now I’m going to try early childhood education instead, so not that drastic a change). So, in the meantime, I’m trying to figure things out and get the help that I need – which includes books, of course, so now that things have settled down and I have some posts scheduled ahead of time, I should be back to normal or nearly normal on here!

So, yeah, that’s where I am right now. Thank you so much for all of your concern! Now, on to the regular programming!

Music of the Month

1. Mary Lambert – “Secrets”: I first heard this on the radio a month or so ago and just new that I had to find this song again; then I kind of forgot about it for a moment before I discovered that this singer (from “She Keeps Me Warm”) was the one behind it and listened to the music video multiple times while I was first dealing with all the anxiety – this song just seems to work so well with my life right now.

2. Mary Lambert – “When You Sleep”: – This is another song from her upcoming album that isn’t on the radio yet but hopefully will be, because I like it just as much!

3. Echosmith – “Cool Kids”: Another song that I discovered on the radio – and I kind of wish I found it somewhere else and before it came on the radio because I can be such a musical hipster at times and I like discovering things before they become popular!

4. Echosmith – “Come Together”: So here’s another song from them (BTW, they’re all siblings – why can’t my sister and I have a band?!), so can I be a musical hipster for this? Also, the music video is a Breakfast Club homage, which is entertaining.

5. The Veronicas – “You Ruin Me”: The Veronicas have new music! I’ve been a fan of these sisters for many, many years and I want more music from them!

Top Books Read

1. The Cuckoo’s Calling (Robert Galbraith/J.K. Rowling): More from J.K. Rowling! How could I not love this! Especially since I’m learning that I really like adult mysteries (and so far not much else, but whatever); it took me a while to read this, but not because I didn’t enjoy it! (review coming soon)

2. Saving Francesca (Melina Marchetta): This book started off slowly for me, but then I read the majority of it in one night and love it so freaking much, without quite being able to explain it (although I definitely tried to with my upcoming review!).

Favorite (Non-Review) Posts

1. Top Ten Tuesday – Top Ten Book Characters That Would Be Sitting At My Lunch Table: It was fun trying to figure out which characters should be my best friends and thus my lunch companions.

2. Top Ten Tuesday – Top Ten Underrated Authors in YA Contemporary: And it was just as fun (but a bit difficult) trying to figure out great underrated contemporary authors.

3. Discussion – When Negative Reviews Seem to Contradict Your Own Thoughts: This was my last official post before I took my impromptu hiatus and that makes me even more proud of it!

Books I’m Excited About

GoddessoftheNight Secrets1 HarryPotter1

Great books I own and must reread!

Upcoming Releases I’m Excited About

BloodofOlympus MortalGods FamousInLove

And great books coming out this month! Two things about mythology! YAY! So many exclamations!

Challenges – Progress

Thanks to my hiatus and issues this month, I have read plenty of books! I read 14 books, which isn’t too much more than a normal month for me, but there were definitely some days where I didn’t really feel like doing much of anything, including reading, so I still count that as a victory. Anyway, my total is now 145 books.

And most of my books this month were new ones, so this number is now over 100! I hope to reread a lot of books next month, so I don’t know how high it’ll be next month, but right now I’m at 101 new books and am really happy with that, so I don’t care!

Technically this count went up, but it was a DNF, so it only really half counts, which makes me sad. I’m going to hopefully get to more books next month, but I’ve already completed this challenge, so it’s not too much of a problem really. Anyway, I’ve now read 14 debuts this year.

Hmm, I didn’t even read any sophomore books this month. I didn’t realize I was doing so poorly on my challenges this past month. Oh well, who cares – I’m already at 12 books, so I really don’t care that much!

The great The Cuckoo’s Calling brings me up to 7 books, which still isn’t 10 books, but who cares, since I do still have three months left and am discovering that mystery books are much more likely to keep my interest!

Favorite Non-Book Things

1. Death in Paradise: This is a BBC show that my family and I discovered playing on PBS last year (I know, the horror! I swear I only watch it for the British imports and the occasional Arthur episode when I’m feeling very nostalgic); anyway, it’s a show about the police on a small, fictional Caribbean island who have to solve various interesting mysteries, and of course it’s all sunny and musically-beach-y and such. My family and I recently watched the first series, most of which I hadn’t seen yet, and it was lots of fun. Definitely a nice de-stresser!

2. Blogilates: Another way I’m dealing with stress and the trouble sleeping that I’ve been having as a result is by starting to exercise more, and since I don’t really like running and such, I’ve been starting up the beginning videos of Blogilates again, which I tried doing this summer and kind of failed at.

3. Writing: And I’ve also been writing a lot (well, not a lot so far, but I plan on it with all my sudden free time!) since writing is one of my favorite things ever and I need to be doing the things I love right now! 😀

A Goal for August

Get better. As simple as that. Oh, and read a lot of books. That’s important, too.


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