Quick Update

I briefly talked about this on Twitter, but I should probably say something here as well: I’ve had to go on an unexpected, medical-related hiatus. I really haven’t been feeling well lately and am trying to figure things out, which includes big decisions and, luckily, reading, but not necessarily review writing and other blog maintenance. I think I’m going to go ahead and say that I’ll officially be back in October – I might have to extend the hiatus if things don’t get better, but I’m going to try building up posts as soon as possible so that I can definitely return in October even if I’m still kind of under the weather by then.

So, I’ve been reading all of your great comments on past posts and will reply to them, quite possibly while I’m still on hiatus, but probably not today or anytime really soon. So, I do appreciate all the comments, I swear I’m not ignoring them or any of my readers! Hopefully things will be back to normal soon!

Happy reading, all!


9 thoughts on “Quick Update

    1. YES! The part where I was feeling bad AND wasn’t getting much reading done was the worst, but now that I’m getting better and my reading has increased, things have definitely improved!

    1. Wow, thank you so much! πŸ˜€ I don’t really have time to answer all the questions and other requirements right now, but I might try to sneak them into a Retrospectively Reading post or something!

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