Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Underrated Authors in YA Contemporary


So far I’ve only read her Brookfield/Ashbury series (I’m pretty sure that’s the name – the series title was never my favorite thing about the books, so it didn’t stick around as much!), but all four books kept me interested and coming back for me. I think there are some other bloggers who know about her and bring up her books a lot, but I don’t think she’s an author I hear about that much nor do I know anyone in real life who’s read anything from her. She has a new series that might be a fantasy or paranormal genre, but her earlier stuff is all (or mostly? I don’t know her other books well – I’m not even sure that she has other books, actually) contemporary.

I’ve only read two of her books so far, but both of her contemporary-setting-retelling-of-Jane-Austen books have entertained me so far. I had never read either of the books she retells (Mansfield Park and Sense and Sensibility? Not quite sure, but I think those are the two), so I don’t know if people who are familiar with the stories would like them as much or not, but I enjoyed them well enough. I’ve seen some bloggers who have showcased her books, but otherwise I don’t think many people know about her and her books.

This is one of the authors who might not seem that underrated in the blogosphere, but I think she is much more underrated when you get to the general populace who reads YA. She’s had three books so far, all at least 4 star books for me, and her latest, Golden, was really impressive and memorable and one that I need to reread soon.

I think part of the reason that she isn’t more popular is because her books come out in paperback form right away, which tends to be a sign of a less-popular author. She has two books out so far, one of which I really liked (The Reece Malcolm List), and the cover for her latest book was recently released – which has a cover that doesn’t match her other two! rarely a good thing in my book – but I still haven’t heard much about her in the blogging world.

I’ve only read one of her books so far, but I loved it so much that I gave it 5 stars, so I’m kind of surprised that I haven’t heard even more about her. I have seen her name popping up every once in a while in the blogging world and her latest book definitely seemed like it was popular based on the cover and the LGBTQ relationships and such, but I still feel like I should have heard so much more about her by now!

Trish Doller is quite big in the blogging world, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen or heard of anyone else reading her in my everyday life. She has two powerful books, one of which I really loved (her first book was good, but wasn’t my favorite), but you just never hear about her outside of the blogging world and that is such a shame! Well, a lot of these authors you just don’t hear about outside of the blogging world, but she seems like one of the big tragedies because her books, one dealing with a soldier returning home and the other about a girl who is dealing with past sexual abuse and family issues and an identity crisis, have really important themes.

K.A. Barson’s one book is one that NEEDS to be out in the regular reading world thanks to its subject matter on body image and weight, things that are huge and painful parts of our society, but I really don’t think many people outside of the blogging world know about her – and there are probably lots of bloggers who don’t either. It’s just so sad because there are so many different kinds of girls and women who can relate to some of the characters in this book, from the overweight protagonist trying to lose weight to her mother who is thin but so obsessed with food and not eating it that she falls on the other end of the damaging spectrum.

Lauren Myracle seems like a very popular author and her books often end up on “most banned” lists and such, but I really don’t think I’ve seen that many reviews for her the more I think about it. Her latest book made its rounds a lot, but I rarely if ever see reviews for ttyl or Shine or Bliss or Rhymes with Witches or Peace, Love, and Baby Ducks or any other ones she’s written in her decade-or-longer career.

I haven’t read her latest book, so I may just love one of her books (Smart Girls Get What They Want), but I loved it so much that I’m singing her praises anyway. She often shows up on lists for fun and fluffy reads, but outside of that I haven’t seen her name thrown around much. It could be because I wasn’t too aware of her when her other books were coming out and there was more attention then, but I’m not sure.

This is a debut author, so there’s a good chance that many people just haven’t heard about her because she hasn’t done enough to get a lot of buzz, but her debut, The Art of Lainey, was so funny and entertaining that I really do think she needs more attention! Other big fans of contemporary seem to know about her, but not everyone, even in the blogging world, and that makes me a bit sad.


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