Mini-Reviews: August


LetsGetLostThe premise – a road trip book – and the cover were what first drew me to this debut, back when I was trying to find plenty of new and exciting 2014 books. There was some early buzz, so that helped things. Then some reviews started coming in, though, and they were mixed. That got me worried.

That worry probably didn’t help me. I came into the book expecting to not like it, and that’s exactly what happened. I hadn’t realized that this book would be split into different sections based on whose point of view it was, so that was one thing to make me even more leery, but it was the first narration that really did it for me – or didn’t, in this case.

The first section is narrated by a boy who (I think – it was very unclear) is in college, but it might be that he’s about to start and hasn’t already? I was really confused, and that made it harder for me to get a read on him. Since this a YA book, I guess it’s a good guess that he’s a teenager, but it was never clear. There’s one “main character” who shows up in all of the sections, and in this section she was put on a pedestal and seemed to be a manic pixie dream girl-type character. He was so drawn to her, but he didn’t really have any good reason why. I got two chapters into his section before I skipped to the next one to see if I would like it better, but it seemed like more of the same.

Ultimately, I was just bored by this book. I had an ebook that was going to expire in a day and was trying to quickly read it, but my lack of interest made me decide to just DNF it.


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