Discussion: The Pros and Cons of Scheduling Posts


In general, I love being able to schedule posts on WordPress and not having to worry about posts for at least a few days after I’m really productive and get ahead. I’ve had points in the past couple of years where I’m in the beginning of one month and am already writing some posts for the next month because I’m so far ahead. Unfortunately, there are also points, like the past few weeks, where I don’t have any scheduled posts ready and I’m stuck writing a review/post the day before or I just don’t have a post for the next day. I know that I don’t have to post everyday, and I already don’t post on Saturdays no matter what, but I like having a schedule, and I always feel discouraged when a day that normally has a post goes by with nothing. I’m perfectly fine with switching things around, like having two or three discussion posts in one week on days I would normally have reviews, but I like always at least having a post.

So, based on recent events, I’m going to talk about the pros and cons I’ve discovered from scheduling posts, since that’s my favorite form of doing posts. When I’m writing a post, I’d much rather click the “schedule” button than the “publish” button, but there can be pros and cons involved.

Pro: I Feel Accomplished and Productive

It feels so great knowing that I have posts ready ahead of time. A lot of the time, whenever I do write one post ahead of time, I want to at least work on other posts and be even more productive. Basically, when I’m being productive already, I want to be even more productive, and when I’m slacking, I have trouble being productive at all.

Con: I Can Also Get Lazy

On the other hand, sometimes when I have a lot of posts already scheduled, I no longer feel the need to write posts for a while. Sure, I know I’ll have to write more posts eventually, but it seems like so far away that I just push it out of my mind. Of course, eventually my supply of scheduled posts runs out and then I find myself rushing to write posts again because I was being too lazy to keep up a steady stream before.

Pro: I Can Work On Some Posts Over a Long Period of Time

Sometimes I have posts that I don’t finish until the day before or a couple days before they go up, which doesn’t seem too productive, but because I worked on them for a couple of weeks beforehand, I feel really accomplished. These are typically discussion and the like posts, ones where I slowly add more points and interesting facts and insights that I might not have had if I had to write the post all in one night in my rush to have a post for the next day. I especially like doing this with my irregular features like Common Archetypes and Surveying Series (coincidentally, I’m working on one of each of these posts right now and have been for at least a month – I keep pushing them back!) because I often come up with new ideas and books to include and the posts feel richer as a result.

Con: Sometimes My Feelings Change

I think this can especially happen with reviews that I write at least a week or two ahead of time: sometimes I begin to feel more or less love over time. It’s normally not a huge difference, but it’s there nonetheless, and it can make me want to go back and tweak my review. Sure, I might have the time to do that, but sometimes I forget and sometimes I’m not sure if that’s something I should do. I’m much more like to think of something I forgot to include, but my feelings can definitely change a bit, especially if I read a review from someone else that pointed out something I didn’t even notice.

Pro: When I’m Being Productive on My Blog, I Tend to Be a Productive Reader as Well

The productivity is contagious! Normally, anyway. When I’m feeling like I’m a really good blogger who’s on top of things and is therefore professional (don’t ask why my brain makes that connection, it just does!), then I’m really excited to read a lot of books and have even more books to review and gush over and talk about in the endless possibilities that I see on my blog.

Con: If I Have Too Many Reviews Scheduled, I Might Feel Unproductive With My Reading

On the other hand, if I have so many reviews scheduled that I haven’t read any more books that need to be reviewed yet, I can often feel like I’m in a mini-slump with my reading. Even if I’ve already read enough books lately to have ten reviews scheduled (although I don’t think that’s ever happened), I’ll still feel like I’m not being productive enough and that’ll make me feel sad and even less productive in turn.

So, there are definitely pros and cons when it comes to scheduling posts. I’m still glad that I’m able to schedule posts ahead of time and don’t have to worry about writing a post every day if I’m productive enough. Maybe someday I’ll reach the point where I always have posts scheduled, because that’s my main problem when it comes to the cons to scheduling, but I’m just not sure that’ll ever happen!


11 thoughts on “Discussion: The Pros and Cons of Scheduling Posts

  1. Like you, I’m DEFINITELY a scheduler. Because I read so much (usually), I’ll build up a backlog of reviews, and then I usually have days when I’m particularly inspired to draft discussions/other features, so I’ll do a bunch of those and call it quits for a few weeks until the next inspiration hits. So really, I’ve always been a fairly sporadic blogger, but I’ve spaced it out via scheduling to make things more consistent.

    Also, I don’t know if you do this (it doesn’t work for, I’d say, most bloggers) but it really does help to write AND schedule your review immediately after finishing a book, before you start a new one. But that doesn’t work for everyone, I understand.

    But yeah, scheduling posts ahead of time does have a lot of pros, which you mentioned. It’s just really nice to wake up in the morning and check your email/feeds and see your own post come up, which you didn’t really have to work on.

    1. That’s what happens to me when I’m doing really well and am inspired and such, but unfortunately that just hasn’t been happening lately – that’s the downside of relying too much on scheduling for me!

      I’ve seen some people do that, but I’m always too lazy – which is why I’m often stuck writing a review a couple of days before the post goes up and I don’t remember everything that happened. Hopefully when school starts up again and I’m used to a schedule, I’ll be able to be productive and write the reviews write away, because it would definitely help me!

      I love it when I’m up past midnight and I go back to my website and there’s a new post up – it’s like magic! If you ignore all the work that I (hopefully) put into it…

  2. I have a few rough drafts plugged into the editorial calendar, but I no longer completely write/schedule posts ahead of time. That just didn’t work for me and it made blogging feel like a job, instead of a fun hobby. I also no longer have a posting schedule and post when I’m able to. It’s neat to see how different bloggers utilize different methods 🙂

    1. (sorry this reply is late – I’m wrapping things up from my impromptu mini-hiatus!)

      It is so interesting how different things can be for every blogger – even though I have some problems with scheduling, I do think that it feels like less of a chore when I know that I have a bunch of posts already scheduled and don’t have to worry as much the night before.

  3. I’m a scheduling maniac! I’ve got it written down and in a Google calendar. I don’t feel this make me an unproductive reader. I’ve actually found myself reading more because I want to get a book finished so I can review it so I can get even further ahead.

    1. (sorry this reply is so late – I’m wrapping things up after my impromptu mini-hiatus!)

      I think I can get that way as well, but my problem is with actually accumulating enough posts so that I feel like I’m truly ahead rather than barely outrunning the storm. I think that because I’m not on either extreme – writing everything right before posting them or scheduling a whole month or so ahead – I have trouble figuring out which always works for me.

  4. All these pros/cons are spot on! Lately I have managed to stay somewhat productive and have gotten posts scheduled 2 weeks out. I feel great, I can relax a bit more and spend more time commenting. But I also kind of feel lazy…and sometimes I even feel disconnected from what I have scheduled to post! I think a week in advance is good enough for me. I know some really awesome ladies do up to a month, but I would feel lost!

    1. (sorry this reply is so late – I’m wrapping things up after my impromptu mini-hiatus!)

      It’s so difficult because it’s hard to know what’s your comfort zone and what seems like TOO much. That’s great that you’ve finally figured that out – it can definitely help make blogging seem like less of a chore!

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