reReview: It Girl Series by Cecily von Ziegesar


ItGirl Notorious Reckless Unforgettable Lucky Tempted Infamous Adored Devious Classic

Original Review (there isn’t one – I read almost the whole series pre-blogging) | Other Books by Cecily von Ziegesar: Gossip Girl series | Genre: Contemporary | Reason for Rereading: my Summer of Series Challenge and need to read the last book in the series | Original Rating: 4/5? (it’s hard to know for sure, since it’s pre-blogging) | New Rating: 3.5/5

My Initial Thoughts

I read most of these series (and reread some of the earlier books) in my middle school and early high school days. I always found them more interesting than their successor, Gossip Girl (one of the main characters is a main character from that series). Maybe it was because the setting was an elite boarding school and I thought boarding schools were cool, maybe I just connected with these characters more, I’m not really sure which. The point is, I remember enjoying these books.

Why I Reread

Even though I knew I enjoyed them, I also knew that I didn’t consider them high literature and that, chances were, the series wouldn’t hold up too well. I never really considered just letting this series gather dust in my reading memory, though – not when I still had one book unread! So, when I was coming up with my Summer of Series Challenge, I figured that this would the perfect opportunity to read the It Girl series again for credit (well, my version of for-credit – for a challenge!). I knew that I would probably like the books a little less than I once did, but I was counting on the entertainment value still being there. A quick and fun fluff read.

Did I Change My Mind?

Not really. I think I did feel a little less entertained by these books when I reread them, but I pretty much got what I expected. It was nice rediscovering all the drama that I vaguely remembered, the characters that I knew and sometimes loathed. And there are definitely plenty of characters and dramatic plotlines to get lost in. There are six main characters (sometimes five, if something *dramatic* happens to one of them – but there’s always Jenny, Callie, Brett, and Brandon) and loads of supporting characters, some more fleshed out than others. Especially with the girls, it can be difficult to remember some of the characters who seem to be little more than names who happen to live in the same dorm as the main girls.

Do I Regret Rereading?

Not at all! Some books took longer to finish than others, but that was mainly because I was reading other books at the same time. It was nice rereading the first nine books so that I could finally finish the series without being completely clueless at to what was going on. I was surprised with the way some storylines and relationships ended with the tenth book, but it was definitely a triumphant feeling to close the tenth book for a final time knowing that everything had mostly worked out for the main characters and that I was officially done.

I’m not sure if I’ll ever reread this series again. I own five of the ten books, but they might be victims of a book clean-out in the coming years. Whether I reread the series again or not, though, I’m really glad that I reread it this time and managed to finally finish the series!




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