Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Characters I Would Want With Me On a Deserted Island


I’m doing this post kind of late Monday night, so I’m going to quickly write it up without any fun graphics because I want to make sure it goes up in time!

1. Hermione Granger

A powerful and very intelligent witch – of course I would want to have her by my side! She would actually know how to handle things, both from a magical and Muggle perspective, so I have a feeling that the short time we were on an island together before Hermione came up with a great spell would be an entertaining and educational one.

2. Ginny Weasley

Ginny might not be the brightest witch of her age, but she’s definitely one of them. She knows plenty of great spells and she’d probably be a bit more fun than Hermione is. It’s a shame that she gets the short straw thanks to the movie and her lack of chemistry with Harry, because she really is a strong and interesting character in the books (and in the bit parts she manages to get in the movies – I would be so happy if there were two or three parts to each movie so that everything from the books would fit into them!).

3. the girls of Smart Girls Get What They Want

The title kind of says it all, right? Gigi, Bea, and Neerja are smart and great friends and I would love to have them around to both entertain me and help me get off the island.

4. Ruby Oliver

I don’t know if Ruby would actually be any good on a deserted island – in fact, we would probably both be a pile of nerves and unable to get much accomplished right away, but I think she would be good company. We could make lists and stress out together until we finally begin to come up with great ideas and actually get off the island – or just stress out even more, either works.

5. Suze Simon

Sure, Suze of The Mediator fame has a lot more experience with ghosts and fighting her way out of problems, but she’s still used to having a cool head in stressful situations, which I think would come in helpful. Plus she could probably talk to the ghost of a poor soul who already died on that island and who has since figured out a way to get off the island even though they no longer will be able to do so, because the ghost would obviously feel bad for us.

6. the girls of TTYL/TTFN/L8R, G8R

I’m starting to run out of people that I think would actually help me get off the island and am looking for people that I’d just like to spend a lot of time on a deserted island with. Angela, Maddie, and Zoe would all be really entertaining and generally just fun to be around, even if we’re stuck on an island for the rest of our life.

7. the girls of Beauty Queens

A book about girls stranded on an island! How I could not want their help, even if I wouldn’t necessarily fit into a group of beauty queens. Of course, they all grow and become closer by the end, so maybe I could just get marooned on the island with them after they’ve already been there a few days.

8. Lucy Scarborough

Lucy from Impossible was stuck with some unfortunate situations, but she fought her way through them all, even while she was a pregnant teenager. I’m sure that she would be really helpful on a deserted island – I mean, she even knows how to plants seeds on a beach (although seeding a beach for a task involved in a curse is probably a little different than planting food on an island with no gardening stores).

9. Maya Delaney

Maya and her friends get stranded in a dangerous forest after a plane crash during the Darkness Rising trilogy, so it seems like she should be able to help me on the island. And, if things don’t turn out well, she can shift into a nice cougar that I can pet and hopefully not be mauled by.

10. Jase & Cricket & Zach

And now for the guys, who I’m all combining into one number. Jase works in his dad’s hardware store and is quite adept at fixing things up and taking care of people, so I think he’d be helpful to have around. Cricket is wicked smart and very good at inventing things and doing whatever he puts his mind to. And Zach stands by Lucy’s side even though he’s initially the childhood friend and not even the father of Lucy’s child, supporting her whenever he’s not taking the lead because he understands that he doesn’t always have to take the lead. And, yeah, they’d all be really good guys to have around if I get a little lonely – but I still think they would get me off that damn island, although if I get stuck on it so much that I need so many different literary characters to keep me company then I should probably just pack up my whole library and stay there.


5 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Characters I Would Want With Me On a Deserted Island

  1. I didn’t end up picking her for my list, but Suze from the Mediator series did cross my mind! I agree, I think she’d be a pretty awesome person to have along, to keep everyone grounded and down-to-earth (and also for her ghost-communicating skills, lol).

    1. I’m sad to say that I didn’t even think of that – I obviously need them around to make sure that I do get off the island since I obviously can’t do it on my own if I didn’t even think of apparition!

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