Retrospectively Reading (2)


The Books I’m Currently Enjoying

I’m still reading four books at once, unfortunately, but they’re all different books than last week, so that’s saying something! And three of them (all of them but Love Letters to the Dead, of course) are near the end of their respective series, so hopefully I’ll be able to get back down to three books soon!

Oh, and I’m still technically reading Prisoner of Night and Fog, but I had to return it because it was on hold and I decided I didn’t want to try and read it all in one day because I had a feeling I’d have to take some breaks thanks to all the drama and sadness that comes with reading a book about a girl who considers Hitler her uncle. So, I have the ebook on hold and will hopefully be getting back to it soon, since I really was enjoying it!

And look, I figured out how to embed a picture directly from Instagram! So, feel free to click on that link and follow me, since I’ll obviously be posting pictures at least once a week, and any other bookish things that strike my fancy!

The Best of the Best This Week…

PrincessDiaries5 PrincessDiaries6 NantucketRed PrincessDiaries7 Infamous Mediator4 PrincessDiaries8 PrincessDiaries9

Look at all the books I read this week! I’m so proud of myself! Sure, the Princess Diaries books read very quickly, as well as the Mediator books when I finally take the time to read them, but I’m still so proud of myself for reading eight books this week! That’s a book for every day (and then one) even though there were a couple of days when I didn’t actually finish any books. Anyway, I enjoyed all of these books to the point where they’re all at least 3.5 stars, so it was an even better reading week!

…and the Unfortunate Rest

Since this is reserved for the books that disappointed and frustrated me, there’s nothing here again!

The Books on the Reading Shelf

Alice1 #Scandal WishYouWereItalian AndThenThereWereNone

There are still two stacks of books (plus four ebooks), but I did read a lot of them and only added about three books this week, so if I can keep up the pace then I might even get all of these books into one stack next week! And there are a lot more new books for me to read than all the ones I’m trying to reread right now, so yay for new and exciting books (including On the Fence! Which I ordered last week and came in a couple of days ago!)!

The New Books I’m Anticipating

Just Released


This is the only book on my to-read shelf that was released this week. I’m not too sure what I feel about this book right now, based on some early reviews that don’t sound great. I can’t remember quite what this book is even about, but I know it was something to do with mental illness or the like, which can be an interesting subject but can also end up turning out badly…

Just Added

I actually didn’t add any books this week, which is good for my to-read shelf!

The New Covers and News of the Book World

On the off chance that you haven’t already heard, J.K. Rowling released a new short story about Harry Potter and his peers (like Luna and Neville!) via a gossipy article written by the one and only Rita Skeeter! It takes place at the Quidditch World and Harry and company are in their mid-thirties, which is so weird to think about! Anyway, you can read it at Pottermore, but if you don’t have your own account, I know there are a lot of copies of it out there, so just Google it if you haven’t seen it yet!

Unfortunately, there were no new covers on my to-read shelf this week either, so hopefully next week!

A Picture, Rather than 1,000 Words

When I picked up a few books from the library yesterday, I also got the Vampire Academy movie! I know that it got bad reviews from both critics and big fans of the books and that it’s probably going to be a little hard to watch, but I want to watch it by myself and snark at it the whole time – I feel like I do my best snarking when I’m alone or just have my pets to impress with my great wit. Anyway, I’m excited to watch it – either because I might be the exception and will actually like it or, more likely, I’ll just have fun snarking during it.

Oh, and the random nail polish bottle is there because, as I posted earlier this week, my privacy is very important to me (plus putting your address out there on the internet is not a smart thing anyway), and even though I don’t live in the same town as the library I got this from is in, I don’t feel comfortable with that being out there. So enjoy the pretty green nail polish I initially got to use for a science project (yes, I really did – it helped that it was a chemistry-art combo project) instead!

In the Spotlight: the Posts that Got Me Thinking this Week

I decided to just go ahead and change this category from “the post” to “the posts” that I really liked this week, because there’s no way I can limit it to just one each week. I feel kind of bad since doing this category since it excludes so many other amazing posts, but enjoy this small sampling and know that there are hundreds more out there that you should check out!

“Pitch Me: On Good and Bad Book Pitches” @ The YA Kitten

“True Life: I Think I’m A Creep” @ The Perpetual Page-Turner

“Adventures in Co-Blogging: When a Co-Blogger Takes a Break” @ Oh, the Books!

“Cuddlebuggery Gets Personal: On Reviewing (1)” @ Cuddlebuggery

“Bookish Blogging: Why This Is Worth It (For Me)” @ Oh, the Books!

“The Three C’s: Candid Conversations with Cee | Names Are Hard!” @ The Novel Hermit

“Beyond the Pages: You Mean I Have to Work At This?” @ The Perpetual Page-Turner


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