Discussion: My Fear of Getting Personal on This Blog


I’m a pretty private person. I don’t like telling my own friends everything that happens in my day-to-day life, let alone strangers on the internet who can’t see me and have no idea who I am in real life. It took me a couple of years of book blogging to use my actual name, rather than my “internet name,” Lia, which I still use for some accounts. I have a Twitter account for this blog and a personal Twitter, and I recently just created a new Instagram account for this blog because my last name is part of my username for my personal account and I didn’t want to link personal things with my real life friends up with my blog.

Why is getting personal on my blog just so hard for me?

There are some people who are fine with using their personal accounts for their blogs, complete with real-life family members and last names and pictures of everything going on in their life in such. As long as they’re safe (i.e. don’t post their personal address, phone number, or social security number or something like that), there’s not really anything wrong with that – so, again, why can’t I do this?!

There are lots of times that I want to post a picture in the hopes that I can get an ego boost with some nice comments or simply to put a face to everything I do here! I know it’s nice knowing what all of my favorite bloggers look like because they seem more like real people (which, of course, they are, but you know what I mean, right?), but I have trouble doing that for myself!

It seems that with every passing month I feel my fear and resistance toward posting pictures weakening, but it’s still a big conflict for me.

Putting yourself out there can be quite terrifying. I definitely feel like I can be myself more on my blog than I can with my family and friends that simply don’t love reading as much as I do (or read a whole lot less), but putting your personality and passion into your blog is one thing – putting your face on it as well is a little more worrisome, or at least it is for me.

I think the fact that I don’t live near nor have interacted with many bloggers regularly is another reason why I don’t feel as much of a need to post my picture. If I went to things like BEA or was part of a book club with some other bloggers, I would probably want to post pictures since I would truly feel like a part of the book blogging community.

Does anyone else feel like this? If you have any advice, I’d definitely appreciate it! Is there a point where you’re getting too personal, or is protecting your personal details (you know, address and such) the most and only important thing?


10 thoughts on “Discussion: My Fear of Getting Personal on This Blog

  1. I used to have a very popular blog a few years back (not book related) and I did post personal stuff on it. And even though I didn’t post things like our address, the crazies found out where I lived-I started getting weird mail, emails, phone calls etc. I ended up shutting down my blog, because it got pretty ugly. So for me personally, I will never post pictures of my kids on my blog, I will always use a blogging pen name, I don’t say where we live etc. I’m sure what happened isn’t the norm, but I don’t want to even go down that road again.

    1. Wow, that sounds terrifying. Even if I’m able to post things like my picture on here in the future, I’ll definitely still try to be very careful and make sure that my address isn’t out there or anything in the pictures that might help people figure out my general area (like old high school shirts or memorabilia or something), and I’d definitely want to keep other people’s identities even safer.

      I hope you never have to go through something like that either!

  2. Hm…I’ve never had the same problem as you did. I use my full name including my last name on my blog, but twitter hides my last name. (it doesn’t really help since everyone knows me) I understand why you’d be scared of getting personal on the blog. i’ve experienced fighting with another blogger, she knows my name and age. She indirectly tweeted saying that “you’re younger than me, how would you know more about the blogosphere?!” I was certainly pissed about it since she’s been blogging for a few months while I have experienced blogging for almost 3 years now. (I’m going to post more about that experience next week or maybe after that week, if you’re interested) It’s dangerous putting yourself out there, but it is also quite fun. I trust most of my readers so no harm done.


    1. That would be so frustrating – age definitely doesn’t trump experience in something like blogging. When I think of risks with getting personal, I normally think of things like creepy people on the internet knowing too much about me, but unfortunately regular people can use information to their advantage as well. I hope that when (and I do think it’s a when, not an if) I decide to get a little more personal on my blog, that’s much more fun than scary. I’ll definitely check out your post whenever I’m able to!

  3. I have separate personal and blogging accounts too. I can’t keep up with both so I’m not using my personal accounts that much anymore, but they’re there.

    1. I think having two accounts definitely means that I don’t update either of them as much as I would if I only had one, but for now it’s something that makes me feel safer and isn’t too overwhelming, so I’m not too worried. We’ll see how I feel in another year or so, I suppose.

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