Retrospectively Reading (1)


It’s the first ever post of my new Sunday feature, Retrospectively Reading! This is a post where I’ll look back on the books I’ve read in the past week as well as the many other great things that happen in a week, both in real life and the book blogging community!

The Books I’m Currently Enjoying

So many books, and I'm only a few chapters into most of them! Also, yay first picture!

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As has been the case for the past few weeks, I’m currently reading four books! I’m still reading three of the same books as last week and I’m not nearly as far into them as I should be, but I’m doing quite well with The Princess Diaries books – I’m currently on the fifth of the ten book series, which you can see at the bottom of this bookish pile!

The Best of the Best This Week…

FromWhatIRemember PrincessDiaries1 PrincessDiaries2 PrincessDiaries3 PrincessDiaries4

Look at all the books I read this week! Let’s just ignore the fact that I ignored many of the books I’ve been reading for over a week because I’m kind of obsessed with my first-ever read of The Princess Diaries series! I’ve enjoyed them all, even when Mia sounded like a genuine teenager – which is a nice way of saying she was quite irritating – and I’m glad to say that it hasn’t ruined my love of the movie either, despite how different the movie is from the books it’s based on!

As for the first book I finished this week, From What I Remember… had its share of problems (slut shaming, repeated use of “retard” even though there’s a character that is mentally ill who is portrayed in a positive light), but it was a pretty fun and fluffy book that I never minded reading, so that’s good enough for me during the carefree days of summer!

…and the Unfortunate Rest

Luckily, I don’t have any books for this category this week! All in all, it was a pretty good week.

The Books on the Reading Shelf


Alice1 #Scandal WishYouWereItalian AndThenThereWereNone

I know, I know, so many books, and it kind of looks worse when you can actually see them. I had to split them into two piles to get a good picture of them, and there are four other ebooks pictured below it! Needless to say, if I want to work through these piles at all, the pace I set this past week (five books! I’m so proud of myself!) definitely has to continue!

The New Books I’m Anticipating

Just Released

OntheFence VastandBrutalSea Conversion

These are the books on my to-read shelf that were just released in the past week. On the Fence is definitely one of my most anticipated, especially since I already bought it without reading it first, which is always huge for me, no matter how much I’ve been doing it lately (which means two or three books in the past year). The other two books should (hopefully will) be interesting, but I’m not nearly as excited as I am for the latest Kasie West!

Just Added

NowYouSeeMe Alice2 Alice3 Alice4 Alice5 Alice6 Alice7 Alice8 Alice9 Alice10 Alice11 Alice12 Alice13 Alice14 Alice15 Alice16 Alice17

And then I got around to adding all of the Alice books to my to-read shelf, which had yet to be there and thus greatly inflate my to-read shelf! And then there’s an adult mystery because I desperately want to fulfill my Adult Fiction challenge and I think mysteries might make that easier (oh God do I hope so)!

The New Covers and News of the Book World

I was really hoping that there would be at least one new cover for this first post, especially after four new book covers last week, but alas we will have to wait until at least next week. And I haven’t been too in tune with bookish news this past week, so this category will have to be sadly empty this week – I’ll try harder next week, I promise!

A Picture, Rather than 1,000 Words


Flowers! Flowers are one of my favorite things to take pictures of, so when all of the flowers on my family’s porch and front steps are beautiful, I just have to take pictures of them!

I was hoping I could easily copy this picture from my personal Instagram account, but apparently that’s not so easy to do – I guess I’ll have to keep emailing myself the pictures I want, unless someone has some advice for me!

In the Spotlight: the Post that Got Me Thinking this Week

For the inaugural post of this feature, I just couldn’t chose only one post to highlight from this week! Hopefully I’ll do better at whittling the list down more in the future, but for now you get five links to great posts, and these are just a small fraction of everything that amazing people wrote this past week!

“Behind the Scenes: On Writing Blog Posts” @ Alexa Loves Books

“Five Reasons Libraries Are Great” @ Oh, The Books!

“Mental Health – Through the Dark Time” @ Oh, The Books!

“Sincerely, Cee – A Letter From Yours Truely to Cee About Camp NaNoWriMo” @ The Novel Hermit

“My Evolution in Snark-Reading” @ The YA Kitten

So, what do you think of this new weekly recap feature? Are there too many categories, not enough information that you desperately want to hear from me, or any other concerns? Let me know what you think in the comments, because I really want to have a weekly Sunday post that everyone enjoys, rather than simply something that helps me keep track of things, brag about all the books I’ve read, and leaves people bored!


5 thoughts on “Retrospectively Reading (1)

  1. Wow, reading four books at once? I never do that! I tend to only read once at a time. I mean, I am only halfway through DoGaM and have stopped reading it in favor of other books, and do plan on going back to it, but not until I finish the others one. That’s probably the closest I get to reading more than one book at a time. Stopping one to read another whole book before coming back. Though maybe reading five books at a time is necessary for you with how many books you have there to read! O.o

    No advice on the Instagram. I actually take screenshots of my Instagram accounts and pull the photos that way. But that’s probably no easier than emailing the pics to yourself. >.<

    And thanks for linking to us! ❤ I think your weekly recap looks great. Nice to sort of get updated on where you're at with everything! 🙂

    1. I go through different phases where I’m reading just a single book (not counting school books, of course) and when I’m juggling two or more – I remember there were days in middle school where I would take my pile of all my library books and would read a chapter or five chapters each before going to the next week – sometimes it could be overwhelming though! The fact that I have so many books is DEFINITELY a reason why I’m trying to juggle so many!

      I think I might do that next week because it seems like it might be faster (by which I mean about half a minute faster or something), but I think I’ll try to Google it or something.

      Well, I can say the same to you, thanks to your amazing weekly recap! 😀 I’m glad you that you liked this new recap, because there’s no way I could write something as huge and all-encompassing as yours, at least without cohosts or less reading time!

    1. Thanks, that’s always great to hear! It took me a while to decide on what to include and such, but it’s great that it’s finally here and I feel like I can stop worrying so much! 😀

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