Mini-Reviews: June


ShadowKissI’m continuing my journey through the Vampire Academy series, and I’m still enjoying it!

This is the third book in the series and I’m definitely comfortable with it now. I know most of the characters pretty well and understand much of the mythology of this series now, so I’ve gotten to the point where I’m learning more in small increments, which is nice.

Rose continues to be an interesting character – not perfect, but a great friend to Lissa, even when things are difficult, and a refreshingly confident protagonist. Dmitri and Adrian are also growing on me – when I first met Adrian in the last book I didn’t see why people were so divided with this love triangle, but he does seem to be getting deeper and more interesting; and I just didn’t care about Dmitri all that much before, so it’s nice seeing more depth from him as well.

So, to sum it all up, I’m really enjoying this series and think it has more to it than vampires and a love triangle.


EducationofHaileyKendrickI decided to read this on a bit of a whim – it was a Goodreads recommendation – so I wasn’t sure what to expect at all. It wasn’t perfect, but it was enjoyable enough.

The premise of this story was a bit silly and unrealistic – girl gets punished for breaking a school statue and, because she won’t reveal who did it with her, the headmaster punishes her in a way that gets her ostracized from the entire school and she therefore plummets from the top of the social ladder to the very bottom. It takes place at an exclusive and expensive boarding school, so if that’s your thing, you’ll probably at least enjoy this book.

Unfortunately, this was the kind of book where I enjoy it enough while I’m reading it, but whenever I’m not, I have trouble picking it back up. There was also some slut-shaming that annoyed me, so it definitely wasn’t a perfect book. Luckily though, it was enjoyable enough and I read the majority of it in one sitting (partially so that I could finish it and return it to the library, but whatever).

So, not a perfect book, but it was a quick and enjoyable enough book and I might check out Eileen Cook’s future books to see if they’re any better.



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