Monthly Rewind: June


Music of the Month

1. Meghan Trainor – All About That Bass: I heard about this song on the Tumblr of a website called, which makes sense – that website has plenty of things for girls, including articles about body issues, and this song is from a “plus-size” singer (so, she looks like she’s on average or so, weight-wise) and is about loving yourself in spite of your weight since weight doesn’t matter.

2. Tori Kelly – All in My Head (Live Acoustic): Unfortunately the acoustic version isn’t on iTunes, but I love this song in general. I think I discovered it on a whim in the sidebar of YouTube, which always seems like a great victory.

3. Melanie Martinez – Dollhouse: The music video, which (appropriately) takes place in a dollhouse, isn’t the only thing interesting about this song – the song is pretty catchy and entertaining as well. And the singer was apparently on The Voice, so if you love that show you may already know her!

Top Books Read

1. The Mediator series (Meg Cabot): I’m not quite done with this series, but I’m over halfway through and I already know that I’m going to love it because it’s probably my fifth reread at the very least!

2. Shadow Kiss (Richelle Mead): This vampire series continues to be a delightfully fun series – not perfect, but quite enjoyable. I’m happy to continue with the series and I’m quite curious to see just how bad the movie is…

3. Everything Leads to You (Nina LaCour): This book was a real surprise – I gave it five stars, which is quite a big deal for me! I still need to articulate that all in a review, though.

4. To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before (Jenny Han): Han is another author who has a few books out that I’ve never read (like the previously mentioned LaCour), so she’s another author I obviously need to read more from since I found her latest so entertaining.

Favorite (Non-Review) Posts

1. Top Ten Tuesday – The Top Ten Books I’ve Read So Far This Year: The books are so good and I had so much fun making the covers pretty (not that they were too bad to begin with, especially covers like The Strange and Beautiful Sorrows of Ava Lavender!).

2. Discussion – The Many Emotions of the DNF: I’m one of those readers who can feel really conflicted about DNFing a book, so I thought it was interesting articulating that and figuring out just which emotions I typically feel.

3. Book Blogger Confessions (8): With my latest BBC, I talked about how I, a very introverted person, actually love reading about extroverted and outgoing protagonists and how I think it’s great for all readers to see, which I think is a pretty important topic if I do so say myself (which I obviously am… sorry, I’m writing this kind of late and trying to finish before it hits midnight!)

4. The Book Blogger Test: I think I had some interesting insights into myself in this blog, but feel free to read it just to see a picture of one of my shelves, since that’s always a fun thing to see!

5. Top Ten Tuesday – Top Ten Book Cover Trends I Like & Dislike: Covers! I always love posts about covers! Sometimes I think I should change my blog name to something involving covers…

6. FOUR YEARS OF BLOGGING! I think the title of the post kind of says it all…

Books I’m Excited About

SinceYouveBeenGone TTYL HarryPotter1 PrisonerofNightandFog PrincessDiaries1

This is a combination of new and old books, but they’re all books I have on hand and I do plan on getting to them this month, even books like TTYL which have been listed for months – but I have a plan (namely, once I finish rereading either the It Girl or Mediator series, this is the series I’m rereading next, no matter what!), and I will read all day at the end of July if that’s what it takes to read all of these books!

Upcoming Releases I’m Excited About

 OntheFence BreatheAnnieBreathe Illusive

I’m definitely the most excited about On the Fence since it’s from Kasie West (!), but I’ve read some good books from Miranda Kenneally as well (Stealing Parker is definitely my favorite), so I’m excited for her latest as well. Illusive is from a debut author and I haven’t read any reviews of it yet, so I’m the most hesitant about it – hopefully it’s another great introduction to an author!

Challenges – Progress

Apparently I’ve read 16 (!) books this month, which is pretty good for me, but I feel like I can do even better since it is summer and I have plenty of free time on my hands. Right now, I’m at 92 books total, so if I don’t reach my goal by the end of the month then I’m going to be very disappointed in myself – and we all know that disappointment is much worse than anger, right? Or is that just when parents try to guilt you? Hmm…

This number isn’t quite as high since half of those 16 books were apparently rereads, but whatever – I’m still at a total of 65 new books read so far this year, which is really good in my book! My unofficial goal is now 100 new books, which certainly seems possible.

I’ve only read two debut books this month, and apparently one of them was from last month I just forgot to mention it, but I’m at 8 books and the year’s only halfway over, plus I already have two debut books just waiting to be read, so I’m not too worried!

I’m done with this challenge! Apparently I’ve only gone to ten books in the past, unlike twelve, and I’m currently at 10 books, which means I’ve completed this challenge and any future sophomore books I read will just be bragging points!

And… this challenge is unfortunately still at 5 books, which includes three rereads, so I’m kind of failing at this challenge. I just don’t like adult books as much, at least the ones I’ve read.

Favorite Non-Book Things

1. Teen Wolf: I’ve loved this series since the second season came out, which is when I binge-watched the first and second seasons amidst the end of school (or near the end – it’s been a year or so and I don’t quite remember). There have been some ups and downs and there was a particularly devastating death that was even harder than I expected it to be despite already knowing about it (I was watching the second half of season 3 this month, which came out at the beginning of the year). I’m both excited and a little scared for the newest season, which started last month – so may original and beloved characters are gone and I just miss them!

2. Faking It: I’ve already featured this series, which is a new MTV show, but that was based off of the pilot – I’ve now seen all eight episodes of the first season, and even though it had some problems (one of the characters basically said that all bisexuals are more likely to cheat which is kind of an awful thing to say and there aren’t really any POCs in the main cast), it was quite entertaining and often touching. I continue to not really like the male love interest and Amy, the girl who ends up falling in love with her friend as they pretend to be lesbians, continues to be my favorite character, but other characters have grown over the course of the first season and after the ending of the season finale, I need season two now!

3. Witches of East End: I know this is based off of a book (series? I think it’s a series), but I’ve never read it and never planned on watching this series until the whole first season was on Hulu (and will be until July 7th or so). I was quite surprised when it ended up being pretty entertaining. It can be cheesy and melodramatic, but it has some nice girl power with the four main characters (two sisters, their mother, and their aunt, all witches) and quite a bit of humor, so I’m definitely going to check it out when the second season airs later this month.

A Goal for July

Build up my scheduled posts again! For a while I was a couple weeks ahead, but I’ve been a little lazy lately and right now I’m pretty sure I don’t have any scheduled posts – which means I’m going to be trying to write up some more posts as soon as I schedule this a grand total of an hour before it’s supposed to go up!

2 thoughts on “Monthly Rewind: June

  1. You had a really great month! I also need to work on building up schedule posts-I have my plan for the month, but so far just titles have actually been written down lol.

    1. Thanks, I’m pretty glad with my past month as well!

      After I posted this, I went on to write/finish writing five posts, so I was feeling really proud of myself, but then I was lazy all week and am back to needing to build them back up! It’s just an unending chore sometimes, but if I get far enough ahead then I guess it won’t matter too much!

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