All the Books (100)


Before we look at all of the books and such, I have some big news: this is the one hundredth All the Books! It’s kind of funny that this happened to fall on the same week that I had my fourth year blogging anniversary – so many milestones! However, unlike my blogging anniversary, this particular milestone indicates a change: a new Sunday feature.

For one hundred posts, I’ve been doing more or less the same thing, with a few new categories, like books I’ve added to my TBR shelf. However, this has never truly been my feature – I started doing it after I saw it on Ten Cent Notes (which seems pretty much dead at this point, at least in blogging form), giving credit to Jordyn the creator on my “Features” page and using it as my own weekly wrapup post. Therefore, a couple months ago as the 100th post inched closer and closer, I decided to come up with a new, unique feature. Well, unique in that I came up with the name and specific categories, but it won’t be that different from this any other weekly wrapup posts.

So, this is the end of an era, so to speak, but next week will be the beginning of a new feature, so (hopefully!) look forward to that!


NantucketRed Infamous Mediator4 FromWhatIRemember

Still reading plenty of books, but I’m nearing the end of both the It Girl and Mediator series, so I should be down to at least three books pretty soon. I’m not too far into Nantucket Red yet, but it seems pretty good so far (no slut-, girl-, and fat-shaming yet, which is sadly a really good thing based on the first book); I’m very far into From What I Remember, and although it does have some slut-shaming and has used the word “retard” a few times (even though it has a character with Asperger’s, which makes it seem even worse), it is quite entertaining – not realistic at all, but entertaining.


Mediator2 TemptedEducationofHaileyKendrick Mediator3

I’ve read a decent amount this week! Sure, three of these books are all rereads and The Education of Hailey Kendrick wasn’t perfect, but all of these books were enjoyable enough, so that’s good enough for me!


Adored Devious Classic AvalonHigh TTYL TTFN L8RG8R Buzz Kill Mediator5 Mediator6 PrisonerofNightandFog LoveLetterstotheDead PrincessDiaries1 TheLastForever BiggestFlirts

I know it’s still a lot of books, but it’s still actually less books than I had last week!


17FirstKisses WishYouWereItalian TheWrongSideofRight PrincessDiaries2 PrincessDiaries3 PrincessDiaries4 PrincessDiaries5 PrincessDiaries6 PrincessDiaries7 PrincessDiaries8 PrincessDiaries9 PrincessDiaries10

And then I added a bunch of new books – well, I only really added three new books, since I was already planning on reading the Princess Diaries series for my challenge, I just didn’t have them added on my Goodreads shelf. I still have to add all of the Alice books, but since there are 25 books, I’m waiting to do that when I’m bored and need something to do.


LiarsInc TheLastTimeWeSayGoodbye
EmpireofNight IllMeetYouThere

FOUR NEW COVERS! It’s like publishers knew it was my fourth anniversary, huh? Anyway, all of these covers interest me and they’d probably catch my attention, but I don’t love any of them. Well, I kind of love them since I just needed new covers after a multi-week drought. All of them (well, Empire of Night not as much) have interesting and unique elements, though, from fascinating shadows to post-it notes to images that incorporate titles. I’d definitely look at these books to see if the summaries would catch my attention as well!


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