In Lieu of a Post Today…

Yesterday I was working on today’s special post in celebration of my four years of blogging (!), but I was a little too busy to finish it, so I’m going to work on it today and will have it up tomorrow, the day after my fourth anniversary. So, I’m just going to push back some other posts as well so that I can work on it today instead of rushing to have it finished early today so that it still goes up.

I’m not sure if anyone pays that much attention to my schedule anyway, but in case you were wondering why there isn’t a post today, that’s why!

(And, unfortunately, no, the “special” post doesn’t include a giveaway or anything like that since I don’t really have the money or knowledge to do something like that, but hopefully it’ll be at least fun to read!)


2 thoughts on “In Lieu of a Post Today…

  1. ha, I do that all the time and my perfect blogging schedule is never followed eep! Congrats on such a big blogging milestone!

    I just found your blog and I’m now a new follower through bloglovin 🙂

    1. Yeah, if you pay close attention to my “Upcoming Reviews,” you’ll see that they often change as I realize I need to move things around because I’m lazy and don’t have enough posts scheduled!

      Thanks so much, and I’m glad that you like this blog enough to follow! I hope you continue enjoying my future posts! 😀

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