The Book Blogger Test

I’d never heard of this before I got tagged by Cristina from Girl in the Pages, so if you’re like me, here’s a little explanation: you get tagged and have to answer all of these bookish questions and then you tag other people! So, not too confusing to understand, right?

Anyway, on with the Q&A!

What are your top three book pet peeves?

1. When shy characters just aren’t that shy! Like other character traits (like being a big book reader), it can often be thrown into the mix of a character’s personality simply so that the reader connects with the protagonist more. If your character is going to be shy, then they’re not going to be so verbally sarcastic, at least at the beginning of the story – their internal monologue might be sarcastic and hilarious, but out loud they’re probably going to be pretty quiet, unless their growth is part of the story.

2. When adorable pets and animals are included in stories just for them to be killed off so that the story messes with your feelings and you feel more sympathetic toward the protagonist. No. Just no. I need warnings so that I can avoid these kinds of books.

3. When summaries talk about how epic the romance is. Maybe it’ll include a much of clichés, maybe it’ll oversell it, maybe it’ll just mention that a boy helps save the female protagonist in some way. I like romances in books, and I’m one of those people who actually doesn’t mind pretty much all YA books having romance, but I prefer it when they aren’t mentioned in the summary too much, especially if it’s a paranormal book or a contemporary one that’s focused on heavy issues.

Describe your perfect reading spot.

I love reading in bed because I can be sitting up, lying down, lying on my side, taking up the whole bed (which isn’t too big, since it’s a day bed, but I’m used to have a twin bed and not a queen-size bed or something, so I don’t care) – however I want to sit, I typically can, and I tend to be alone without any interruptions (expect when I had a roommate who apparently doesn’t realize that maybe, just maybe, I wanted to read rather than talk when I was reading a book).

Tell us three book confessions.

1. I started reading YA when I was pretty young, possibly too young, and since my little sister often does things when I do, that means she started reading YA even younger – think third and fourth grade, maybe even younger!

2. I used to be one of those people who carried a book to every class just in case I could find time to read it (which meant I was often one of those people who sped through homework and tests in order to get to reading, which wasn’t always the wisest decision since I’m also the type of person who can make stupid and silly little mistakes that checking over my work would help), but in high school I stopped doing that because I was embarrassed. I know, I was a horrible person who gave into peer pressure!

3. I hate being told what to do most of the time, so that means even if I read a book in high school that I would probably like on my own, I felt like I was obligated to hate it at least a little because I was being forced to read it. As a result, I hope to begin rereading some of those books (maybe a challenge for next year?) to see if I actually like some of them!

When was the last time you cried during a book?

Well, I actually cry a lot during books. Normally it’s just tearing up and only when I’m alone, but I just get really emotional when I’m reading, even if I don’t necessarily care that much about the characters. The last book where I really, really cried, however, was Morgan Matson’s Second Chance Summer. I have her latest book, Since You’ve Been Gone, and I’m a little worried to read it even though I know it won’t be as emotionally damaging.

How many books are on your bedside table?

Well, I have two bedside tables – I have an actual bedside table that I probably got from IKEA or someplace similar that has all of my library books (which is currently a lot), as well as some of my own books I’m attempting to reread soon. My fake bedside table (which is an old, kind of ugly stool) has assorted things like tissues and my rings and phone and such along with any books that I’m currently reading. Right now, that’s my Nook, since I’m reading an ebook (We Were Liars), the second book in the Mediator series, Ninth Key, the fifth book in the It Girl series, Lucky, and The Education of Hailey Kendrick. So, four books.

What is your favorite snack to eat while you’re reading?

I don’t really snack while I’m reading. Sometimes I happen to be eating while reading, but I don’t have something that I specifically eat while reading. I normally have a glass of water to drink, but that’s about it.

Name three books you would recommend to everyone.

1. The Westing Game (Ellen Raskin) – It’s a MG book, so I feel like it’s accessible for everyone, whether you’re in elementary school or a retirement home.

2. Harry Potter (J.K. Rowling) – I know that not everyone is obsessed with this, but love of Harry Potter is pretty universal, so I think it’s a pretty safe bet.

3. Beauty Queens (Libba Bray) – It isn’t a perfect book and I can definitely see why some people say it hits you over the head with its messages, but it does have a lot of really good messages!

Show us a picture of your favorite shelf on your bookcase.

In my room, I have two tall bookcases that good together and a shorter one that we got from a family friend. The very top of the left, tall shelf has all of my favorite books organized mostly by favorite, although they’re subject to change whenever I feel like it, basically. If i’s hard to see the books, it’s – Impossible; The Westing Game; the Ruby Oliver series (4); My Life Next Door; Stay; the Skulduggery Pleasant series (5); the Darkest Powers trilogy (3); a Skulduggery Pleasant book that isn’t with the rest of the series for some odd reason; the Darkness Rising trilogy (3); Saffy’s Angel; Where the Stars Still Shine; If I Stay & Where She Went; Smart Girls Get What They Want; and Beauty Queens.

And, if you’re really curious, that’s a music box that plays the Sugar Plum Fairy song or something from The Nutcracker, a little snow globe and case thing of Sleeping Beauty (my favorite Disney princess because I just loved it and I’m blonde like her and I just didn’t care for Belle, the default “bookish” one), and a little flip-flop necklace hanging that I got on vacation (and on the left you can kind of see an owl lanyard thing – I don’t really use lanyards ever, but owls are my favorite animal so I had to hang it somewhere!). You can see the shelf below, which is actually the third-best shelf, because the top shelf of the next bookcase is my second-favorite shelf. Rather than going down one shelf and over to the next, it’s like reading a book (not on purpose, just how it happened). That shelf includes things like Harry Potter and The Mediator series.

Write how much books mean to you in three words.

Friends, Inspiration, & Escapism

What is your biggest reading secret?

I’m not sure what would count as a secret. I guess the fact that I do read so many YA books. I don’t feel embarrassed about it necessarily, but I think my friends don’t realize how much I read and how important it is to me and I feel like I don’t really want to talk about it with them because none of my friends are huge readers, even the ones who probably consider themselves big readers, if that makes sense.

Who I’m Tagging:

Is it a cop-out if I say whoever wants to do it? I don’t know who’s already done this and don’t want to leave anyone else, so that’s what I’m going with! No obligation if you don’t want to. You can always say I tagged you and comment and I’ll just add you here, if you want to actually be tagged!


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