Monthly Rewind: May


Music of the Month

1. Sia – Chandelier: This is Sia’s latest single and I’m kind of obsessed and love the cool lyric video.

2. Foxes – Holding Onto Heaven (Kove Remix): I think I’ve already talked about this amazing song from the amazing Foxes, but I’ve also discovered a cool remix of it and bought Foxes’s Holding Onto Heaven EP because it’s one of the few things of hers that’s released in the US and I want to support her so that her debut album can be released here as well!

Top Books Read

1. Ink is Thicker Than Water (Amy Spalding) I didn’t love this book as much as Spalding’s debut, The Reece Malcolm List, but it was still a fun contemporary that had great family dynamics and such, so it’s a winner anyway!

2. All-American Girl (Meg Cabot) Then I began rereading many books this month, such as this gem from the amazing Meg Cabot which almost held up to what I remember of it back in middle and high school!

3. My Life Next Door (Huntley Fitzpatrick) I’m so glad that I reread this book and saw that it wasn’t a one-hit wonder – it was just as amazing and entertaining when I read it a second time, even when I knew what was going to happen, because I love these characters so much!

4. What I Thought Was True (Huntley Fitzpatrick) Even though I didn’t love it as much as MLND (which is pretty hard to do, anyway), I still loved this book and know it’ll be on my mind for a while – especially all of the characters, including Guinevere (one of the many ways my name is pronounced, by the way).

5. The Art of Lainey (Paula Stokes) This was a surprise hit (those are one of my favorites!) and was a great book to pair with the great What I Thought Was True – it was a great couple of days, if you can’t tell!

6. Wicked Little Secrets (Kara Taylor) Like its debut, this book wasn’t perfect, but it was quite entertaining and I’m really excited for the third and final book now!

Favorite (Non-Review) Posts

1. Top Ten Tuesday – Top Ten Book Covers I’d Frame As Pieces of Art: They’re just so pretty! I also messed with the colors a bit, so they’re even prettier, and I could just stare at them for hours!

2. The Black Cat – Throne of Glass: It was great getting some feedback from Mel from The Daily Prophecy in the comments because she loves the books while I obviously didn’t, so it was great actually hearing from someone with a different opinion!

3. Top Ten Tuesday – Top Ten Books About Friendship: Friendships (great ones, that is) are one of my favorite things in books, so of course I’m going to love this topic!

4. Discussion – Why I Have Yet to Rate A Book One Star: This is a pretty personal topic to my reading life, so it was nice rambling on about it for a while.

5. Just Being Nominated is Enough, Honest: There are plenty of personal tidbits in this post, so I thought people might be interested to get some insight into me – or you might want to avoid this post for that very reason, whichever!

6. Discussion – Why I Like (Or At Least Don’t Hate) Stacking the Shelves Posts: Another topic that I (obviously) think is interesting and love to see that I’m not the only one!

Books I’m Excited About

TTYL Mediator1 MuseumofIntangibleThings HarryPotter1

I plan on rereading so many books this month, as well as new books like The Museum of Intangible Things – I just hope I can get through them all!

Upcoming Releases I’m Excited About

 RuinAndRising #Scandal BehindtheScenes

There are also plenty of great books coming out this month, like the last Grisha novel and the latest from Sarah Ockler, which will hopefully end up being as enjoyable as Fixing Delilah and The Book of Broken Hearts and not as disappointing (for me, anyway) as Twenty Boy Summer and Bittersweet!

Challenges – Progress

Last month, I didn’t get around to as many books as I had hoped, but this month I read almost twenty books! At this rate, things can only go up, at least while it’s summer and I don’t have to worry about school! Anyway, this month’s total is 76 books – nearly there!

And I’ve reached this challenge for real! At the end of April, I was at 47, so nearly there, but now I’ve gotten to 57! So, as you can see, I’ve reread quite a few books this month, but who cares before I reached my goal of at least 50 new books! So now we’ll just have to wait and see what I get to by the end of the year!

My numbers for the debut challenge are slowly but steadily going up. I’ve currently read 6 books, which is halfway there. Unfortunately, one of those books was a DNF and I’ve only been really impressed by three of them so far, but that still seems better than last year, so I really don’t care!

The numbers for the Sophomore Challenge are even higher, though! I’ve read 9 books, which I think is quite impressive – and hopefully I’m not the only one who does!

The Adult Fiction Challenge continues to be the most disappointing, however. So far, I’ve read 5 books, but three of them have been DNFs and one was a Shakespeare play so it’s not like it was really, really long. I’m hoping to find some really good adult books soon because otherwise I might give up on the genre for a few years…

Favorite Non-Book Things

1. Greek: This is an old ABC Family show that I started watching back in January, but now that school is over, I’m watching most of it, and I have to say that I’m quite addicted. Maybe it’s because I’m in college and am jealous of the fun that the characters are often having (and not so jealous of all the drama) or maybe it’s just what I’m in the mood for now. Who knows – the important thing is that I’m going to need to find something else fun to watch since I’m almost done with it!

2. Political Animals: This is a six episode HBO series that really should have been longer! I was really worried that it would be sex-heavy since it’s HBO, but it actually wasn’t that bad, and there was plenty of intriguing content to make up for it even if there was. There was an interesting end to the sixth episode that made me really wish there could have been a second season, even one as short as this season.

A Goal for June

Try reading at least a solid hour everyday. I have many, many different books from the library and books that I want to reread and such, but too often I’m lazing around and not reading when I really should be. So, I’ll try to just sit down in the living room or in my own room or maybe even go outside and just read at least one hour a day so that I can up my number of read books and get to all the books!

A Question for June

So, now that I’ve been using the new review format for pretty much the whole month, what do you think of it? Do you prefer having things clearly split up, or do you prefer the old format, where it’s just a regular review and I start talking about whatever I feel like whenever I feel like? So far, I think I like the new format better – it’s much easier to add bits and pieces to a review over the course of a week or so when I can just pull up a Word document when the internet is being annoying or something and start randomly talking about the romance or setting in the latest book I read. If it’s not working for anyone else, though, I could be persuaded to go back to the old format – you just have to let me know!


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