reReview: All American Girl by Meg Cabot


AllAmericanGirlOriginal Review (there isn’t one – I first read this book pre-blogging!)

Other Books by Meg Cabot: Many, Many Books (Including Awaken)

Genre: Contemporary

Reason for Rereading: fluffy fun in the midst of finals and after reading a book about serious issues (date rape)

Original Rating: 4.5/5? (it’s hard to know for sure, since it’s pre-blogging)

New Rating: 4/5

My Initial Thoughts

I remember loving this back in the good old middle school days, when young adult was pretty new to me and I was amazed by a little author named Meg Cabot. I’ve reread it a few times over the years and have always continued to love it, but I’m pretty sure that I haven’t reread it since I began blogging, so I was excited to reread it, while still acknowledging that I might be remembering it with slightly tinted glasses and that things might have changed.

Why I Reread

I knew that I would want some fluffy, fun books to read after reading Speak for the first time, especially when I realized that that would be around finals time, which can be quite stressful. I had been planning on rereading it for a while anyway, so I figured it was the perfect time to do so. I didn’t end up reading it right after Speak, but it was very much still part of the “yay, fun books to make up for the more depressing books” spree.

Why I Changed My Mind

I suppose I did change the rating, but it wasn’t because the book was bad or anything (I mean, I think 4 stars is a quite good rating, at least when I give it out). I’ve definitely grown up and changed since the first time I read the book, so it would be kind of weird if my thoughts on it hadn’t changed at all. There were definitely some things that I liked less than I probably did when I initially read this book – for instance, there are two cases of Sam’s sister using the word “‘tard” or “retard,” which does not make me happy, although I’m willing to be a little lenient since the book is over ten years old – but my enjoyment of the book probably remained roughly the same. I read this book in about a day, a perfect break from homework and such, and I had fun the whole time.

Also, it was funny, because I remember that, every time I would read one of the later scenes where Sam has a light bulb moment thanks to something that the love interest said and her art teacher later repeated so that Sam would understand, I would always miss what they were saying. I mean, I heard it, but I didn’t understand it (which was the same for Sam, only I never had that light bulb moment). I was interested to see whether I would understand it this time – and I did, I really did. So, that was fun, figuring something out that I just could not before due to age and maturity level, I suppose. I feel smarter now!

Do I Regret Rereading?

Even though the protagonist was a bit more of a whiny brat than I remember, every time I was rolling my eyes at her attitude, I was doing it with a smirk on my face or a giggle or something. Yeah, I might have been annoyed if this were a real person, but as a character, she was hilarious to read. Even when she was being a brat, I was looking at her with affection, like “Oh, you poor little teenager – just wait until you get into the real world,” and I feel like that almost made the book even more fun. So, no I don’t regret reading this book at all – I think I’m going to try and it get at a Half Price Books or something for cheap so I can reread it whenever I want a quick pick-me-up, and I might try rereading the sequel, which I’m pretty sure I’ve only read once and thus remember less of it.




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