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WickedLittleSecrets LosingIt MyLifeNextDoor

I’m now done with school! School’s out for summer, school’s out forever! (Can’t remember for sure who sang this and what it’s called, and I’m sure that’s a crime not to know, but whatever) So, I am determined to up my reading levels a lot, which is why I have so many books I’m reading right now, as I have been recently! I’m near the beginning of all these books, but I’m really interested in two of them so far, so I think they’re going to go quickly.

Anyway, I’m a chapter into Wicked Little Secrets and am already intrigued – the only reason I’m not further into it is because I’m rereading My Life Next Door! Already I’m sucked into it and there’s just something about the writing and the characters that make me want to read as quickly as possible even though I already know what happens!

And then I’m attempting Losing It, my first New Adult book, and I’m not too sure about it yet, although I’m also not too far into it, only about three or four chapters. We shall see if this makes me want to read more NA or not!

And I’m still techniquely reading The Interestings, but I had to return it to the ebook library because I’m reading it too slowly and already have it on hold again so that I can hopefully finish reading it sometime this month!


NoAngel LastBestKiss ReadyorNot

I know this looks like a pretty good number of books, but one is a DNF and they’re were all finished near the end of the week because the beginning of the week was all about writing papers (I had to write five papers, and after writing just four of them, my mom thinks I got carpal tunnel from typing on my computer too much, and that’s a lot considering I often work on my stories or just mess around on the internet without getting a sore wrist), so there were a couple of days where I didn’t read anything at all! I know, so shocking and frightening!

Anyway, No Angel was a DNF because I was in a bad mood already because of all the finals and such, so when I was feeling kind of lethargic and meh about all the books I was reading, this book was the unfortunate casualty that I decided wasn’t quite what I wanted.

The Last Best Kiss was another of those books, but that was just because I was really early on and still feeling meh, and I am so glad I didn’t DNF because I think it was just as cute as The Trouble With Flirting from the same author. Now I need to check out her first book, even though it’s a remake of Pride and Prejuidice, which is something I tend to avoid because I am unfortunately a Jane Austen snob (something I plan on discussing sometime in the furture)!

And then I reread the sequel to All-American Girl, Ready or Not, and even though I don’t think it quite held up to how much I enjoyed it back in middle school, it was still quite adorable and a nice, fun, and quick read.


PurpleHibiscus EducationofHaileyKendrick Dramarama WhatIThoughtWasTrue 57LivesofAlexWayfare Crazy SleepawayGirls TeenIdol MuseumofIntangibleThings ItGirl Notorious Reckless Unforgettable Lucky Tempted Infamous Adored Devious Classic

I know, I know, lots of books. That’s beccause I plan on rereading the entire It Girl series starting this week (hopefully) for my Summer of Series Challenge, plus there are plenty of other books I already have in my stack of books. There are a couple of ebooks mixed in, but these are mostly physical books and the stack is huge.


ArtofLainey BloodWillOut BoySnowBird CircleofWives DivorcePapers

And then I added plenty more to my to-read shelf. The latter four are adult books I’ve seen in magazines because I’m determined not to give up on the adult genre despite the multiple DNFs I’ve had of them so far.


ThisShatteredWorld BloodofOlympus A Darker Shade final for Irene

AND THERE’S EVEN MORE THAN ONE COVER THIS WEEK! There’s the sequel to These Broken Stars, which matches the first cover and has a cool star background; there’s the last Heroes of Olympus book, The Blood of Olympus, which is kind of creepy with all the giants; and then there’s the latest book from Victoria Schwab (I know, it says V.E. Schwab – it’s the same person), A Darker Shade of Magic, which looks kind of weird at first but more interesting on closer inspection, although I sitll don’t know if I love it.


4 thoughts on “All the Books (94)

  1. All these books look so gooooood!!!! 🙂 Congratulations on school letting out, and I look forward to reading reviews on the books you read. Also, you obviously love My Life Next Door since you are re-reading it.. I had it checked our of the library for a month and a half, but school monopolized my time and I never got to it. I thought it was a sign that I shouldn’t read it, but if you love it so much I will have to check it out again this summer!! 🙂

    1. Thanks, I’m definitely ready for school to be over and to be able to have more time to read all these lovely books!

      Obviously I can know what busy school is like (although I often put reading ahead of schoolwork, so I’m not always the hardest-working student!), so I hope that you try My Life Next Door once you’re less busy – if you like contemporary books with great family dynamics and cute moments and adorable little children and such, you should at least like it a little! 😀

    1. I’ve read all but the very last book, so I really, really want to finish it after getting so close! I’m not sure how it’ll hold up since I’ve haven’t read the books for years, but hopefully I’ll at least have fun rereading them!

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