All the Books (93)



LastBestKiss NoAngel TheInterestings

I’m in the midst of multiple right now because that’s what’s getting me through all the fun of the final few weeks of school. Last Best Kiss is my current ebook read and so far it’s pretty cute and interesting, but I’m not far enough in it to know for sure if I’ll like it as much as The Trouble With Flirting. No Angel is my regular book read and so far it’s equally entertaining, even if the main character is a guy who’s obsessed with sex a little too much (which makes it seem more realistic I suppose, but still not my favorite point of view to read from). And I’m still reading The Interestings – adult books take me a while to read.


 TheSummerIWasntMe InkIsThickerThanWater AllAmericanGirl MidsummerNightsDream SideEffectsMayVary

I’ve read a lot this week, yay me! It’s been a mixed bag, though.

The Summer I Wasn’t Me was a little bit of a chore to get through – it wasn’t awful, but I wasn’t a big fan of it either.

Ink is Thicker Than Water was a lot more fun to read, though, and I definitely loved the family dynamic in it. I look forward to more from Amy Spalding.

It was also really fun rereading All American Girl, so much so that I got the sequel, which you can see below.

And then I read a Shakespeare play! I know, weird thing to read when I’m supposed to be writing papers and studying and such, but I was so happy that I understood much of it and it really was quite funny, so yay for branching out a bit!

And then I finally gave up on Side Effects May Vary, which I tried to read throughout this week. It wasn’t bad or anything, I just wasn’t interested, and nearly 25% in, I should have been more interested.


PurpleHibiscus EducationofHaileyKendrick Dramarama WhatIThoughtWasTrue 57LivesofAlexWayfare LosingIt WickedLittleSecrets Crazy SleepawayGirls ReadyorNot TeenIdol

I got more books to celebrate the fact that I’ll be done with school for the year after this week! I just have to write many, many papers, and hopefully read in between them all… And then I’ll finally get to read What I Thought Was True, which is my gift to myself post-finals!


I actually did add a book this week (Losing It – I’m going to attempt the new adult genre! See, more branching out!), but I also got it from the library this week, so it’s up there.


But, unfortunately, no new covers again! Seriously, I need this dry spell to end.


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