Mini-Reviews: April


FrostbiteI’m glad I decided to wait a little while to read the second book in the Vampire Academy series after the first one. After I finished the first book, I had initially gotten the ebook right away, but I opened it up and saw the prologue that was really just an info-dump of all the information we received in the first book and decided that I wasn’t in the mood for it then, but it didn’t bother me as much when I tried it again months later (there was quite a waiting list on this book after the movie came out – I probably should have thought of that).

Anyway, I thought this was just as enjoyable as the first book. I read it pretty quickly because I was genuinely entertained and wanted to see what would happen. The ending was kind of dark and sad, but what do you expect from a vampire book (unless it’s Twilight, I suppose)?

Since this series has long been a popular one in the blogging community, I’ve heard a decent bit about it (although I am surprised that I don’t really know any big spoilers other than who she ends up with at the end), so I already knew that a love triangle would eventually develop between Rose, Dmitri, and a character named Adrian who hadn’t been in the first book. I was quite interested to see him show up in this book to get a look at the other angle of the triangle, so I was a little surprised when this kind of pervy, drunk dude ended up being Adrian. Please tell me he’s going to get better, because I was only warming up to him a tiny bit by the end and I want two guys I like at least a fair bit.

Other than that, though, I did enjoy this and look forward to the next book in the series, whenever I get it – another long hold list.


SinceYouAskedI was really considering dumping this book from my to-read shelf – not because I had lost interest in it, but simply because I could not seem to find it anywhere. One of the libraries I go to said that they had it, but I would never see it, so I was a tad skeptical. I’m glad I didn’t, though – it finally showed up in one of the library’s ebook collections, and it turned out to be a fun and quick book with plenty of diversity, something sorely lacking in many books.

OK, but I should probably talk about the actual story, right? There didn’t seem to be a huge plot, with the whole story leading up to a huge climax that you were expecting. This was simply Holly’s story, one about her journey through her sophomore year of high school and the way she dealt with high school, family, and friend issues. There was some romantic drama kind of, sort of thrown in, but romance really wasn’t the focus in this book at all, which was slightly refreshing (although the part of me that enjoys reading about romance in every book was slightly miffed when the book ended with an open ending that suggested a romance with someone, but never explicitly said anything or provided me with some cute moments between them). Instead, humor and Holly’s character growth were the main draw.

And, like I said, there is diversity in this book. There’s Holly, who’s Korean-American and whose parents I believe immigrated from Korea, so she’s first generation. Her guy friend, David, is Chinese-American and second generation, while another friend is Persian-American (something you really don’t seem to see much) and probably first or second generation, and the final friend is (probably) European-American, with family that has been in America for generations and have slowly mellowed out with her hippie parents. All of these different families affect the characters, and it was great to see that.

This was a really quick read, and I’m not sure how much I’m going to remember of it in just a few weeks, but it really was quite fun to read. There was a lot of drama that could seem over the top, but sometimes you just need fun fluff that still manages to include important things, like the way-more-elusive-than-it-should-be diversity.



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