Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Characters Who Would Be My BFF



I really want to reread the TTYL books, and one of the main reasons is to revisit the great friendship between Angela, Maddie, and Zoe. In a lot of ways, they remind me of my friends. Sometimes they do silly and childish things, like run up the down escalator or jump on their beds and stick Post-Its on the ceiling, while other times they talk about preparing to have sex for the first time or shaving in certain areas. They can be inappropriate and sweet and funny, and through all the years of drama, they remain great friends. They definitely have their bumpy moments, but their friendship never truly wavers, which is the kind of friendships I want.


I talk about Ruby Oliver so much that I just have to put her on this list, right? But it’s not just because I love her story so much – I truly do feel like she and I could be friends. She’s quirky and neurotic and passionate and obsessed and nervous and so many other traits and such that I think can describe my own personality. I also struggle with not being a judgmental person, which is something that Ruby often struggles with as well, especially toward the beginning of the series. I’m sure we would bicker sometimes and wouldn’t agree with everything and would get on each others’ nerves due to our neurotic nature, but ultimately I think we would be good friends.


Gigi, Bea, and Neerja, from Smart Girls Get What They Want, are both my friends and I and who I wish my friends and I could be. Very smart, a bit too obsessed with grades and school and such, and a slight fear of the spotlight – it’s something I struggle with a lot on my own (although I’m not nearly as dedicated to my school work as they are and possibly as I should be – in fact, I’m watching a documentary for school while I write this, when I should probably just be watching it), and something I think my friends also share in some ways. I wish I could have gathered up the courage to put myself at least partially in the spotlight when I was in high school, but it was great just reading about this trio of friends doing just that.


Samantha from My Life Next Door could be me if I were lucky enough to have an adorable boy from an equally adorable family next door. I’m very much an observer – when I don’t have friends to talk to, I will simply people watch or listen in on other conversations around me. I would very much be content to sit with Samantha and watch the Garretts as they go about their adorable and entertaining and wonderful lives. I would also hopefully get pulled into a life where I actually participate along with Samantha rather than observe if I were to be her friend – and I’d get to meet the Garretts! Especially the adorable young children, like George!


This isn’t the Maya from The Gathering – this is the Maya from She’s So Money, who I think I have a lot more in common with. Like others on this list, she’s more of the academic side, to the point where she needs to be pulled out of her books at least a bit in order to live a little. Once again, she reminds me a lot of my friends and I – sometimes focused on serious things, sometimes talking about cruder things and cussing and such. I really admire Maya and her character arc, especially when she seems to get over some of her judgments of the popular girls, and that’s one of the reasons why I think we could be friends.


Although I’m lucky enough not to have the romantic drama that Clara from Stay did, I think we have a lot in common. I admire her relationship with her father (when it’s not troubled as it gets toward the end when family drama is happening), but I especially like the fact that she actually read in the book! And she had a problem I have and am working on: setting aside a book when it’s just not the book for me. I definitely got better at it last year and had a decent number of DNFs last year, but I still struggle with getting rid of things that just aren’t working for me or aren’t good for me – and I’m not just talking about books. I think we would get along quite well and I hope that I would be able to help her with her relationship with Christian.


Even though I’m not a theatre person like Devon from The Reece Malcolm List, I think we have a very similar but important characteristic: we both have that one thing that we love and that we feel confident about, even when we know we’re struggling with it. For me, that’s writing, which doesn’t seem too different from the equally creative passion that Devon has for singing. I think that we could both try to pull each other out of our shells in other areas of life, and that’s something that I think all friends need to do.


I think I would get along very well with Addie from Pivot Point – which is why I think I could also be friends with her best friend, Laila, although probably not if it were just the two of us. Addie is bookish, quite shy, and passionate about what she loves, while Laila is fun and also passionate and could hopefully work to pull me out of my shell like she does with Addie.


At the beginning of Stealing Parker, I’m not quite sure that we would be friends, but by the end of it and into Things We Can’t Forget, where Parker is a prominent secondary character, I do think we would get along well. Although I don’t think I could ever be a vet, nor have I ever wanted to be one, I think we have some similar feelings toward animals and how frustrated we would get with a camp game that involves forcing forest insects and animals to fight each other.


While I don’t know if I could have be as brave as Chloe from The Summoning, especially if I had the power to raise the dead (I don’t handle gore well at all), I think we are similar outside of the paranormal events. We can both be quite skittish, obsessed with some form of media (books for me, movies for Chloe) and can be both serious, kind of snarky, and simply quiet in many different situations.


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