Winter 2014 Round-Up & Spring 2014 TBR

Time to recap the books from the previous TBR posts that I’ve read since the last recap, as well as a new batch of TBR books for Spring 2014! I just posted a Top Ten Tuesday list of my Spring 2014 TBR list, but it had more new books on it than this list will, because this list will focus more on the books I think I can very possibly get my hands on without having to buy something.

Pre-Winter 2014: Books I Finally Read

UnitedWeSpy TheDisenchantments Outcast RedPyramid

1. United We Spy (Ally Carter) I was kind of worried at the very beginning, but soon enough I was just as interested as I always am and was quite satisfied with the final book in the Gallagher Girls series.

2. The Disenchantments (Nina LaCour) I got this from the library and was prepared to read it, but I kept putting other books ahead of it and was kind of dreading it (not really sure why), so I finally decided to just not bother after reading some iffy reviews – I’m trying to lessen the number of DNFs this year, and that includes listening to my gut before I even try and read a book.

3. Outcast (Adrienne Kress) Outcast was pretty much just as interesting as I had hoped it would be – Adrienne Kress is definitely an author whose books I’m going to be excited for in the future.

4. The Red Pyramid (Rick Riordan) OK, technically I’m not done with this one, but I’m over halfway through it and I want to count it so I’m counting it, gosh darn it! So far, I’m liking it, but it does feel like it’s meant for a slightly younger audience than Percy Jackson (at least the series as a whole) and Heroes of Olympus, which can be slightly frustrating.

Winter 2014: The Books I Read

TheoryofEverything HowToLove Afterglow AlsoKnownAs HowmySummerWentUpinFlames Shine DaysofBlood&Starlight

1. The Theory of Everything (Kari Luna) Boo hiss – this debut actually started off really well, but then it quickly stalled about halfway through and I decided I was, unfortunately, done.

2. How to Love (Katie Cotugno) This was a much better debut – it started off kind of slowly for me, but soon got a lot more interesting and was definitely a decent debut.

3. Afterglow (Karsten Knight) This was just as interesting as the first two books in the trilogy, with a bit of an interesting and kind of cheeky ending (can’t really think of another adjective at the moment to describe it!) – so, I’m sad to see it end, but I enjoyed this series of mythology and *gasp* non-white characters (there are lots of races, including the MC, who’s Polynesian)!

4. Also Known As (Robin Benway) This is another book that I decided to take off my to-read shelf – I’m just not a big Robin Benway fan, while everyone who loved this book were, so in line with the less-DNFs goal, I decided to pass.

5. How My Summer Went Up in Flames (Jennifer Salvato Doktorski) When I first heard of this book, sometime last year I think, I was really interested in it. Then I started seeing middling reviews – mostly revolving around the MC – and my enthusiasm was dampened. I would have read this book eventually, though, but it just isn’t anywhere I can find – none of the libraries I go to have it, either physically there or in their ebook collections, and after not really hearing any glowing reviews, I decided it wasn’t worth it and have given up.

6. Shine (Lauren Myracle) This book was sometimes hard to get through (because of the subject matter) and I figured out who did it before the main characters, but I enjoyed it the whole time I was reading it, which is a great thing in my book.

7. Days of Blood and Starlight (Laini Taylor) In many ways, this book was better for me than the first one, yet I still had so much trouble getting into it at times because the romance doesn’t interest me at all and I kind of hate the love interest, so any scenes from his point of view had me rolling my eyes a lot because I just didn’t care about all his angsting.

Pre-Spring 2014: The Books I Still Need To Get To

HouseofHades SinceYouAsked Frostbite

Not bad at all – only three book left! Out of 14 books from last time! Anyway, these books have all been slightly problematic in getting a hold of, which is the main reason they’re still here. The House of Hades is still an express book at my library (although I don’t mind that much because I want to read it closer to the release date of the last book, which is sometime this fall), Since You Asked is apparently at my library, but I have yet to see it there whenever I am, and Frostbite was easy to get a hold of before the movie of the first book came out – now I’m on a very long hold list for the ebook, although they do have a lot of copies so I shouldn’t have to wait too long. Either way, I’m going to try my best to get the three of these read as soon as possible.

Spring 2014: The List

ShadowKiss ScentofMagic NightFilm Speak TheInterestings BurnBright WickedLittleSecrets Cracked Up to Be ThroneofFire TheseBrokenStars

I feel like I have more trouble choosing ten new books each time (this is why I’ve been worried lately that I’m running out of books to read, although I do realize that that’s kind of impossible). Anyway, quite a few of these books were on my Top 10 from yesterday, but not all of them. There’s a combination of some new releases (Burn Bright, Wicked Little Secrets) as well as some books that have been on my to-read shelf for a while (Cracked Up to Be, The Throne of Fire). There are mostly YA books, but a couple adult books sprinkled in as well. All in all, I feel pretty good after wiping out a huge chunk of books for last year and knowing that I can get my hands on all of these books, unlike some of the ones from last time.


3 thoughts on “Winter 2014 Round-Up & Spring 2014 TBR

  1. I struggled too with Rick Riordan’s Kane Chronicles books because they felt like they were written for a younger audience than I was hoping for, but the second book (which I see you have on your TBR list) is very good!
    I also see that you have Speak on your TBR list for Spring. It’s a very powerful book and I hope that you enjoy it.
    Happy reading!

    1. Yeah, I cheated a little because I already have it ready to go once I finish the first one, but since I always seem to have trouble with some books on my TBR list, I decided to stick in an easy one as well. 😉 Hopefully I do enjoy it better – the first book isn’t bad, just not as fun as I was expecting.
      Yeah, I’m kind of terrified for Speak – I’ve heard plenty of things about it, especially its difficult subject matter and such, and I knew that if I didn’t put it down for a challenge or something, I would keep putting it off in fear!

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