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Something Real GhostsofAshburyHigh Cartwheel

So many books! I just got Something Real, so I decided to start it even though I’m already reading two other books. One is a huge book (The Ghosts of Ashbury High) and the other is a good-sized adult book (Cartwheel), so I figure they’re going to take a while and I might as well have a quicker book as well. I’m not far enough in any of them yet to know exactly how they’re going to turn out.


SmartGirlsGetWhatTheyWant RacingSavannah Being Sloane Jacobs CruelBeauty IgniteMe

This week wasn’t a great week personally, but that translated to another great week of reading, so… yay? Anyway, I at least liked every book I read this week, so I’m very happy about that. Smart Girls Get What They Want ended up being a surprise 4.5 stars book for me, while all the rest (excluding Being Sloane Jacobs, which was still a decent 3.5) were comfortable and enjoyable 4 stars. So, a great week full of days where I read one or more books. Not sure that this upcoming week can live up to that!


MadWickedFolly TroubleWithFlirting HowZoeMadeHerDreamsMostlyComeTrue RedPyramid ThroneofFire SerpantsShadow WhatMyMotherDoesntKnow OneOfThoseHideousBooksWhereTheMotherDies WhatMyGirlfriendDoesntKnow ToBePerfectlyHonest PerksofBeingaWallflower ProbabilityofMiracles

Look who finally went to the library… Um, yeah, I went a little crazy because I just need a lot of books to distract me right now, and I wanted a big mixture, with some historical, some paranormal, some contemporary, and even some verse books. I hope they all turn out well because I really need good books right now.


HowZoeMadeHerDreamsMostlyComeTrue SecretsofLilyGraves BreatheAnnieBreathe Razorhurst

And then I’ve also added more books! There are some not pictured here because they don’t have covers yet, so this was a week of many new books on this shelf as well. All contemporary except Justine Larbalestier’s latest, which is a paranormal book in the ’20s or ’30s in Australia, I think – definitely interested to see how that’ll turn out. And I’m not sure if this is what the US cover will look like, since the Australian edition comes out this summer but it doesn’t come out in the US until next year.


So many books in everything else, but just no new covers again. Maybe next week.


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