Top Ten Tuesday: REWIND


For today’s REWIND option, I’m going to repeat a post I’ve already done twice: Top Ten Books I’d Like to See as a TV Show (posts one and two). I’m changing things slightly this time by including why a show might appeal to various people, some more serious than others. I was going to pick out possible actors as well, but this already took a while, so maybe next time, but I think it’s pretty obvious that this is going to be bit of a recurring topic.


There’s our Normal world, and then there’s the secretive Paranormal compound, where powers like telekinesis and telepathy and mass manipulation are common. Not everyone is happy, though – Addie’s unusual power of Divergence sometimes makes her life easier, but other times it seems to cause even more problems, and her best friend Laila’s life is far from easy even though she can erase memories if necessary. These two girls are just trying to make their way through the world, Para or not.

I just finished reading Split Second as I write this, and I would be very happy if I could see Addie and Laila and their snarkiness and romantic moments on my television screen every day. I think this show would work well on MTV, with the similar Teen Wolf (this is a comparison you’re going to see a lot on this list) – the supernatural drama of high school, with plenty of snark and hot guys and such. If I were going to cast this, I think I would want a young Emma Stone for Addie (I mean, the model on the cover of Pivot Point looks so similar, doesn’t she?) and maybe Phoebe Tonkin for Laila (she’s currently Hayley on The Originals, was Faye on The Secret Circle, and was apparently in that Australian show about mermaids, H2O: Just Add Water or whatever it was called – I never saw it). Both of them seem a bit old for it, but who cares. Maybe there are two anonymous people out there who are similar.


There are mysterious things going on in Salmon Creek, and Maya and the rest of the few teenagers in this small town seem to be the only ones up to the challenge of uncovering it all. It’s much harder than it seems, though, as strange things begin happening to Maya and her friends as well – changes that are sure to be connected to the growing mystery.

Well, I did The Darkest Powers last time, so I might as well include the spin-off series as well, which can be a companion TV show as well! As you can see, I chose MTV again because, again, Teen Wolf just seemed really similar, with the supernatural humor, mystery, and romance that a lot of these books also seem to have. There’s definitely a set arc to the trilogy, but things are left open-ended at the end of the last book so that you can start the second season from there, figuring out what’s going to happen and maybe connecting it with The Darkest Powers more. Or you could even make this an anthology like American Horror Story and combine The Darkest Powers with it as the first season and this is the second. Endless possibilities!


The Roaring Twenties were none for booze, jazz, and parties, but there’s more happening in New York City than what showed up in the history books. Dark forces are building up in the city, and no one’s really safe from it.

This was one of the earlier ones I decided on, but I still had trouble coming up with a good comparison for it, so you get the vague Game of Thrones jammed-packness! Anyway, I think there is a lot of different things going on, with plenty of different perspectives and locations (although all in one city, basically), so I think the comparison kind of works. But mainly I thought HBO could work for the time period, with plenty of partying and such and all that happens as a result.


The 1950s might have been a good time for some, but things certainly weren’t easy for everyone. Josie is trying to make her way in New Orleans – or out of it, specifically. She didn’t have a normal upbringing at all (brothels aren’t exactly common places to grow up), but she hopes to get somewhere in her life.

I really had trouble with this comparison – there’s way, way more to this book than the brothel where Josie works and basically grew up, but it was the first thing that came to mind. Anyway, this could be a nice, short miniseries or something, seeing Josie’s life and all the characters come vividly to life. I don’t need the graphicness of the brothel or anything, but I decided to stick it on HBO anyway, although it could work anywhere, even network TV.


Maya is totally psyched to be on her own for the weekend. Sure, she still has to work at the family restaurant, make sure it doesn’t fall apart, and keep an eye on her younger brother, but she’s desperately ready for some freedom. Of course, when that freedom leads to a health inspection and a huge fine, she’s not so thrilled anymore, and she’s scrambling to fix things before her parents find out and she lives the rest of her life as a waitress.

I had trouble coming up with a good comparison for this one, but I think some of the quirkiness and meta-humor of Community could compare to this show as well. I’m not sure where it would go in a second season – maybe it’s destined to be an awesome but short show? – but I would love to get the chance to see Maya being hilarious even more than she is in the short and hilarious book.


Sophie isn’t thrilled to be stuck at the boarding school for misbehaving magical creatures, but that’s exactly where she is after a spell went a bit awry. She now has a vampire for a roommate, powerful witches for quasi-enemies, and a warlock for a crush. Things aren’t even normal for a magical school – something’s going on at Hex Hall, and Sophie has no choice but to figure out what.

Yes, another Teen Wolf comparison, but apparently I’m running out of series I’d be happy with seeing on the small screen and many of the ones I chose this time around are paranormal YA. Anyway, Sophie is snarky and hilarious, so she would be great fun to have on the small screen on a weekly basis. And I’m sure whoever is cast as Archer will be the typical hot actor. Not that anyone would ever just watch a show because of the beautiful cast, right?


High school is hard, but it’s a bit easier when you have awesome friends. Angela, Maddie, and Zoe are very aware of this fact, and they do their best to keep each other sane and happy through the difficult years of teenagerhood, no matter how serious their issues become.

One of the most-banned YA authors just has to have a show on HBO so that people can complain even more, right? But I think it would work well – I’ve never seen Girls, but I think this could work as a similar, but slightly younger, companion. Yes, these girls are only in high school, but high school doesn’t mean you go around holding hands with boys – there’s plenty of drama, sexual and otherwise. I’m not sure how to copy the format, though – the book is written completely in text messages and IMs – but it’s more the characters and the spirit of the books that I would want to see on the small screen.


Gemma wasn’t expecting to end back up in England at a girls’ boarding school, but she also didn’t expect her mother to suddenly die or her father to be so heartbroken afterward that they couldn’t stay in India. Now she’s at a finishing school for girls, dealing with schoolgirl drama and the restraints of Victorian England, but things aren’t as simple as that – there seems to be something mysterious going on, something that involves Gemma much more than she could ever have dreamed of.

Let’s throw in another Libba Bray book! I basically have the same reasoning as The Diviners, I just didn’t want to repeat the same thing, so you get me obviously getting near the end of my graphics-making and just wanting to be done already. Anyway, this would be a very moody and intense drama that has the magic for those who love paranormal craziness and the romance and historical drama for those who want something (slightly) more grounded.


Whispering Pines is the perfect summer getaway. Whether you’re a new camper, returning, or graduated to the exciting job of a camp counselor, you’re sure to have fun! Remember that pranks, romance, and mean girl antics are highly discouraged. Or are they?

OK, I need to reread Sleepaway Girls and couldn’t even remember the main character’s name, so I wrote a really vague summary, but basically all you need to know is that it’s camp romance and hijinks all in one summery show. That seems like something ABC Family would have (I think), thus its placement.


Sometimes, life among the rich and famous can be tough, or so Kaitlin Burke, America’s sweetheart, thinks. She just wants to have a normal life as a high school student. What’s so difficult about that?

I feel like each book could be its own short season – Season 1 about Kaitlin’s attempt to be normal, 2 about her time at the movie set from hell, 3 about the drama at her show, and so on and so forth. Again, I thought ABC Family just seemed like a good fit for this show, but I couldn’t think of a specific reason, thus the vagueness of the Hollywood-style clothes on Pretty Little Liars. I think a TV show of this story would be just as fun as the books, though, so I would totally watch this, just like the rest of the books on this list (obviously, otherwise I wouldn’t have chosen them).

Anyway, here are ten more books/series for you to desperately wish were TV shows. If you have the money and the power to make TV shows, you’re welcome to take one of these and give me all the credit (and I suppose the authors deserve some credit)!


4 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: REWIND

    1. It would, wouldn’t it? You could have such vibrant scenes of New Orleans and the characters and so many more small moments with them than you can fit into a single book. Sometimes coming up with posts like this just make me sad that these aren’t real things even though I shy away from TV and movie remakes for the most part!

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