All the Books (82)



RacingSavannah SmartGirlsGetWhatTheyWant

Fluffy books to help me recover (look below to figure out why)! I’m really enjoying them both so far, so hopefully they’ll continue my trend of good books. But Smart Girls Get What They Want did shock me a bit – the main character’s name, Gigi, is apparently a nickname for Genevieve. I HAVE NEVER READ A BOOK WITH A PROTAGONIST WITH MY NAME BEFORE! It’s kind of freaking me out and exciting me and just leaving me confused in general, if you can’t tell. I really, really hope I continue to like her or I’m going to be so heartbroken.


SplitSecond MagicorMadness MagicLessons MagicsChild KissMeFirst Scarlet LadyThief

Um, wow. I don’t think I realized just how much I had read this week until I saw them all lined up. I’m also so freaking happy that I loved almost everything I read this past week – I even read two books that count for the Sophomore Author Challenge!

Anyway, first up was Split Second, which was fluffy and adorable and fun and entertaining and just a great sequel. I’m totally excited for anything else Kasie West writes, whether contemporary or paranormal.

Then I reread the Magic or Madness trilogy, which I was happy to see was just as entertaining and enjoyable as I remember, despite not having reread them in a while.

Kiss Me First was the one problem book – I finally DNFed it after cringing at the thought of reading past the first chapter. It wasn’t bad, I just really, really didn’t care and didn’t want to force myself to keep going.

Luckily, I had the emotions-killing but totally amazing Scarlet and Lady Thief to cheer me up. I reread Scarlet and was happy to see that I loved it just as much as the first time around. Then I read Lady Thief, and even though I loved it, my emotions are still wreaked a day later and I can’t stop thinking about it and I just need fluffy books right now to restore some of my murdered emotions. I don’t know how I can handle the wait until the third and final book, especially if it takes two years like this one did.


GhostsofAshburyHigh CruelBeauty Being Sloane Jacobs

All of my many holds are starting to come in! So yay for my first debut of the year and third sophomore book of the year – hopefully they’ll continue the trend of good books lately!


TroubleWithFlirting SummerITurnedPretty SavingFrancesca ProbabilityofMiracles

I know this is silly, but I looked at my to-read list, which hasn’t been growing a whole lot lately and is getting closer to 100 books, and rather than getting excited (well, I got a bit excited), I started to get worried that I would soon run out of books to read since roughly half of the books aren’t even released yet. So, I went on a minor adding spree, all contemporary and hopefully another nice break for any future emotion-breaking books.


No covers! Why are there no new covers this week?

Oh well, maybe next week.


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