All the Books (81)



SplitSecond MagicorMadness KissMeFirst

I’m reading Split Second! It’s just as interesting as Pivot Point so far, and the only reason I haven’t finished already is because I just haven’t been in a reading mood, unfortunately. That’s why I have two other books right now as well – I’m rereading the Magic or Madness trilogy, which I decided to do before my hold of Split Second came in, but I’m enjoying it as well. Kiss Me First, my second Adult book of the year, is the only one I’m really having a problem with right now – I’m only 20 pages in but I just don’t care that much and want to DNF but also don’t want to do it so soon in the book. We’ll see…


TenThingsWeDid Murder of Bindy Mackenzie Impossible

This was a pretty good reading week. Ten Things We Did (And Probably Shouldn’t Have Done) was a fluffy and pretty entertaining book, The Murder of Bindy Mackenzie was actually really entertaining by the end, and it was lovely rereading Impossible for the first time in a while.


MagicLessons MagicsChild GhostsofAshburyHigh SmartGirlsGetWhatTheyWant Scarlet

I’ve been to the library, finally, so I have a few new books (as well as Scarlet, which I plan on rereading whenever I get my hands on Lady Thief as well), as well as the other two books in the Magic or Madness trilogy.


I had a book here, but then I got The Ghosts of Ashbury at the library, so now this is empty – I’ve also cleared out a couple books from my TBR, so it’s getting even smaller, which I’m proud of but it also makes it difficult when I go the library and can’t find books I want to read! Or at least, not as many as I want.



Two new covers! I wonder if the people behind the cover of No Place to Fall purposely decided to release this book on Friday with its heart – after all, it works well with Valentine’s Day. The cover for Ruin and Rising also came out that day, which looks very similar to the other two – not that that’s a bad thing, since I like the covers for the other two. Anyway, yay new covers!


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