Monthly Rewind: January


Music of the Month

1. Cœur de Pirate – Place de la République: This is a Canadian singer who sings in French, and since I’m trying to learn French, I’m trying to listen to plenty of French songs in the meantime. Definitely my favorite song of hers.

2. Twin Forks – Back to You: The first of many songs from the CW’s show Reign that I’ve been playing a lot this month…

3. Dan Gautreau & Wolfgang Black: With You: Another Reign song…

4. Luke Sital-Singh – Bottled Up Tight: And the final Reign song of the month, although I’m sure some more will pop back up on this list next month! I love that show for many reasons, including the music.

5. Elizaveta – Meant: I can’t remember where I first heard this song, but I recently bought it on iTunes and have been playing it a lot with the rest of the songs on this list. It’s very dramatic, and dramatic music is one of my favorite kinds, no matter what genre.

Top Books Read

1. Stealing Parker (Miranda Kenneally): So far, this is my favorite of Miranda Kenneally’s books, which I first began at the very end of last year (my last book of the year was Catching Jordan, her first book); Parker is definitely my favorite of her protagonists! (review coming soon)

2. 45 Pounds (More or Less) (K.A. Barson): Um, can I just say wow? It’s definitely refreshing to see a protagonist that isn’t automatically skinny and has insecurities that I can relate to – and I definitely related to poor Ann. I wanted to give her a huge hug by the end of the first chapter, and that didn’t change by the end of the book. (review coming soon)

3. Outcast (Adrienne Kress): Another book that has some religion mixed in (Stealing Parker was the first), but there was plenty of Southern charm (and I don’t really like Southern things, so that’s saying a lot for me) and paranormal goodness to go around. (review coming soon)

4. Shine (Lauren Myracle): The book was a very interesting look at hate crimes and the way gay (or different at all, really) people can be treated in Small Town USA. Definitely not for the faint of heart, though – this is a heavy and often uncomfortable book. (review coming soon)

Favorite (Non-Review) Posts

1. 2014 Challenges: I’m excited about the new books I can read for all the challenges I’m doing this year, as well as all the adorable banners I made for them!

2. Top Ten Tuesday – Goals & Resolutions for 2014: Mostly I like the adorable banners I made yet again. Remember, this is a pattern for this new feature…

3. Common Archetypes – Wallflower MC & Outgoing Best Friend: I like doing these “Common Archetypes” posts, even though they take a long time and I don’t have a huge GIF store like some bloggers seem to – something I should maybe consider for the future…

4. Top Ten Tuesday – Things On My Reading Wishlist: I had fun making the banners for this and it got a pretty good response from commenters.

5. Discussion – Hating Canon Couples: Disliking the main couple in a book can really lower my enjoyment of a book or TV or whatever and this seems to happen too much, so I thought it would be interesting to look at specific examples.

Books I’m Excited About


I’m finally going to reread this book this month, I am saying it here. When I’m back at school, hopefully I won’t have as much opportunity to put other books in front of it.

Upcoming Releases I’m Excited About

IgniteMe Something Real LadyThief SplitSecond

Lots of exciting books coming out in February, so I have that to look forward to while my second semester gets underway and we begin the yuckiness of that post-winter, pre-spring season.

Challenges – Progress

Yes, I know that this says “2013” – I made these banners specifically for all my 2014 challenges, but I apparently forgot that when I was making the first two banners. Oops. Anyway, I’m doing pretty well with my main challenge – the one that appears on Goodreads and such. I’ve currently read 13, which is a great start to the new year in my opinion, especially since, on average, I need to read 8-9 books a month to read 100 books in a year.

And, so far this year, all the books I’ve read have been ones I’ve never read before, so they’ve all counted for my 50 New Books challenge as well! This challenge always seems to go well since I’ve been doing less rereading than I used to thanks to starting up this blog.

And finally, a more specific challenge – I’ve actually already begun my quest to read ten adult books this year! Of course, that’s partially because I’ll need to read about one every month to complete the challenge – adult books tend to take me longer to read, so I try reading them along with my regular bunch of YA books. Anyway, book 1 for this challenge was Gone Girl, which had plenty of twists to keep me interested despite the fact that it did take me longer to read than a YA book normally would.

Favorite Non-Book Things

1. The Originals: Well, I’ve been obsessed with this CW Vampire Diaries spin-off since it premiered, but now that it’s back from the midseason break, I’m obsessed again. I like pretty much every character on this show and love all the twists and such – in fact, I was just watching the latest episode right before I came back to working on this list.

2. Reign: Same with the above – this show can be cheesy and it’s definitely not realistic (for example, Francis was a sickly little boy who was not running around with a bunch of girls, including Mary), but the characters and the storylines and the clothes (seriously, I couldn’t care less that the clothes aren’t accurate – they’re one of my favorite things about this show!) are also so entertaining and awesome and keep me coming back for more.

3. Brooklyn Nine-Nine: I was so excited when this show won the Golden Globe – definitely one of my favorite new comedies this season, with a great ensemble cast that manages to have more than one token POC.

4. Trophy Wife: An unfortunate name for a hilarious show.

5. The Goldbergs: I kind of hate to admit this, but I like this show almost as much as its companion (see the above), despite – or because of – its cheesiness. Of course, I don’t know the accuracy of the show since I wasn’t alive then, but oh well.

A Goal for February

Start building up my backlog again. I still have a nice backlog of posts, but it’s much smaller than it was at the beginning of the month because I’ve been lazy and haven’t felt like writing posts, especially reviews. It’s always nice when I have nearly 10 – or even more, if I’m lucky – posts just wanting around – it not only helps me relax, but I feel like I write better and ironically more often when I have a nice backlog.


6 thoughts on “Monthly Rewind: January

  1. Eeeeee Ignite Me!!! I preordered it and I’m SO FREAKING EXCITED for it to get here on Monday. I’m just going to drop everything and read it from cover to cover, haha. I started watching Trophy Wife, too! I’m not sure if it’s a show that I’ll stick with, but there have been a few pretty funny moments so far. I liked the thing from the second episode where the Mom found out about the salsa on the couch cushion.

    1. I’m waiting for it to show up in the library or something, so I may be waiting a while, but definitely excited for you – I hope it’s good!

      And yeah, I love Trophy Wife, but at this point I don’t think I’ll be tuning out anytime soon. I find Wife #1 (Diane? Yeah, pretty sure that’s her name) often funny, including the salsa episode. I think my favorite one was the Christmas one, though, when she was a bit drunk. A different side of her for sure!

  2. I love Stealing Parker and it is definitely my favorite book by Miranda Kenneally too. Outcast was a surprise read for me in that I didn’t know that much about it but I really liked it!

    February seems indeed full of amazing new releases! Of your list I’m most looking forward to Split Second. I just LOVED Pivot Point and I can’t wait to see how it’s all going to end.

    I haven’t seen the Originals but I am a Klaroline girl through and through, so since The Originals is keeping my ship apart I’m not liking it before I’ve even seen an episode lol.

    1. I knew a bit about Outcast before reading it, but I still went into it slightly unsure, so I was still pleasantly surprised by the end!

      I know, I was surprised to see how many awesome things are coming. I was just working ahead and coming up with a list of March and April releases, though, and there are even MORE. So excited for the coming months!

      Yeah, I have a friend like that – she hasn’t seen The Originals other than the backdoor pilot and is unsure if she wants to stick around when there’s no Caroline+Klaus together, but I don’t mind too much – I mean, obviously, since I’m a bit obsessed with the show! But yeah, if you like the characters enough (like I do), it probably won’t matter too much!

  3. I can not wait for Split Second! I loved Pivot Point recently and LOVED it! I’m not a big TV watcher, but I am getting excited for the return of Game of Thrones.

    1. Definitely excited for Split Second, although I’m sad to hear that it’s the last book and apparently doesn’t wrap everything up perfectly (of course, this is still coming from reviews that are around 4.5 stars, so I’m not too worried!)

      I’m a BIG TV person – I’ve never seen Game of Thrones since I don’t have HBO and I’m not a fan of violence at all, but I still kind of want to start it at some point, although I might wait longer and just get a bunch of seasons from the library or something all at once!

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