All the Books (78)



GoneGirl Shine

Yep, still reading Gone Girl – it seems that I read adult books slower, plus they all tend to be longer, so expect to see this around for at least another week or so. It’s interesting and I don’t mind the fact that it’s also a bit slow at the moment, so no signs of my first adult book of the year also being my first DNF, no matter how long this book takes to get through. Shine is going a lot faster – the only reason I’m not done with it yet is because I just haven’t been reading much lately, but I’m definitely interested in it and what happened to poor Patrick and Cat (the two main characters, if you haven’t read it).


LiarSociety3 Forever Outcast

Third Lie’s the Charm was nearly my first DNF – I ended up skimming the majority of the book, but I think that I skimmed enough to count it as read. It was definitely not a hit for me – I kind of fell out of enjoyment of this series after I read the first book – but if you liked the first two books, you’ll probably mostly like this book.

Forever… was also slightly disappointing for me. Judy Blume’s great “sex positive” YA book was definitely great when it came to showing teenagers that they’re not alone in all the confusion of growing up and first love, but the characters just didn’t work for me at all, so it seemed more like a narrative-esque book about puberty – interesting for that stuff, but not for the characters. I wasn’t a fan of the main romance or the two people involved in it at all. They just didn’t seem all that fleshed out.

Outcast was the highlight of my reading week. I’d been waiting to read it for a while, and although I read it kind of slowly (again, I just didn’t feel much like reading this week for some odd reason), it wasn’t because I wasn’t interested. I’m definitely an Adrienne Kress fan, and look forward to her future books.


DangerousGirls DaysofBlood&Starlight Bindy FNL JKT.indd TenThingsWeDid

Added a couple more books after another trip to the library, but once I go back to school later today, the majority of my books will probably come from my library’s ebook collection or rereading books from my own shelf (the few books I take with me to school, that is). Anyway, two of these books are books I slightly got on a whim at the library (Dangerous Girls and Ten Things We Did), so we’ll see how that turns out!


TheSummerIWasntMe SmartGirlsGetWhatTheyWant

The former is about a gay girl sent to a camp where they try to “fix” her, which sounds like it’ll make me mad but ultimately happy (because there’s no way this book is going to end by saying it was just a phase and that she’s fixed, right?); the latter just sounds like a cute little contemporary, which can be really nice in between heavier books, like The Summer I Wasn’t Me.



I don’t even have to reread the summary to remember a little about this book’s premise – I mean, “Snow” and an apple? Definitely some kind of Snow White retelling, although I don’t remember what exactly happens in it. Anyway, it’s not my favorite cover, but it would definitely catch my eye and get me to pick up the book, so that’s a point in this book’s favour for sure.


2 thoughts on “All the Books (78)

  1. Ten Things We Did is also on my reading shelf, and I’ll have to look up Shine since I’ve enjoyed some of Lauren Myracles other books.
    The cover of Stitching Snow caught my eye too, and I think the concept’s really interesting.

    Happy reading! 🙂

    Alice @ Alice in Readerland

    1. Shine is definitely more serious than the other Lauren Myracle books I’ve read, but as long as you’re prepared for that and are interested in the subject matter, I don’t see any reason you wouldn’t like it as well.
      And yeah, my excitement for Stitching Snow has inched up a bit thanks to the cover!

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