All the Books (77)



LiarSociety3 GoneGirl

I really enjoyed The Liar Society when I first read it, but I’m less of a fan now and am only really reading this book because it’s the last one in the trilogy and I’ve made it this far. Gone Girl is my first adult book of the year (and really the second I’ve ever read, outside of assigned reading in class), and I’m much more excited and interested in it, despite the incredible hype, which would normally run me off.


Afterglow YearofSecretAssignments 45 Pounds ValkyrieRising

Afterglow was a great final book in the always enjoyable Wildefire trilogy, although I’m sad that it’s now over. The Year of Secret Assignments improved on what I liked about Feeling Sorry for Celia and went by pretty quickly. 45 Pounds (More or Less) was even greater, with plenty of emotional moments and great messages about self-image and body messages and such. Valkyrie Rising was the low point of my reading week, but really just because I wasn’t all that interested in the book, not because it frustrated me or anything.


Outcast Forever Shine DangerousGirls DaysofBlood&Starlight

Books! So many books! I’m trying to cram as many books into my last week of online class/winter term before I head back to school and a new semester. I’m really excited about some (Outcast! Finally! Put it on hold in December!), so this upcoming week should (hopefully) be a good reading week as well.


Hexed BreakfastServedAnytime HalfLifeofMollyPierce MadWickedFolly Merciless PrisonerofNightandFog LetsGetLost StrangeAndBeautifulSorrowsofAvaLavender Bindy FNL JKT.indd EverythingLeadstoYou

Um, yeah. What can I say? Do you remember this week’s Top Ten Tuesday topic? Debuts! I’m always on the lookout for more debuts, and by the time Tuesday was over, I had added eight new ones. Then I added The Murder of Bindy Mackenzie, the next book after The Year of Secret Assignments, and Everything Leads to You because the cover is so pretty. So this is technically a new cover as well. And it sounds interesting! But also pretty.

Why yes, I often do rely on shallow things like appearance when choosing books to read.



I’m still mad that they redesigned the first cover of this series before it even came out (which probably means it was technically never a redesign, but I consider the original the best and the original, real one), but at least they match. And it is kind of cool, but it does seem a bit… phallic in design, if I’m being honest. Or have I spent too much time with those of my friends who often have their minds in the gutter?

And if you didn’t notice that before and now can’t unsee it, I’m sorry.


2 thoughts on “All the Books (77)

    1. I’ve heard great things as well, and it’s pretty interesting so far (about 40 pages into a 400+ ebook), so hopefully it’ll continue to be interesting! And, while I had already heard of and was a bit interested in Prisoner of Night and Fog, I’d never heard of The Half Life of Molly Pierce, so I’m so glad I read all these Top 10 Debuts so that I could find out about it! 😀 Definitely excited for a lot of books coming out this year.

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