Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Books I Read in 2013


I’ve read plenty of great books this year, but these are the best of the best, in no particular order!

My Review

This was an adorable contemporary book. The main character’s humor is very dry, but I loved that about her, and I thought the romance was equally adorable. This was one of those rare books that I bought without having read it first – not because I knew I already liked the author (although Kasie West’s Pivot Point was a pretty decent debut), but because I read so many raving reviews about this book that I just had to get it and see for myself, even if it meant spending money (and a coupon – I would never buy an unread book with a coupon!).

My Review

I’ve raved about this book so much that I’m starting to get worried that I’m overhyping it in my own head, but then I remember what a surprise delight it was and stop worrying. Sure, there were things a bit over the top in this book, and you’d probably be better off reading a more critical review to figure out if it’s the book for you or not, but I love finding those magical books that have flaws, flaws that you actually notice, but still seem to turn out practically perfect in every way (virtual holiday cookies for anyone who can guess that brief reference)!

My Review

When a really, really long book doesn’t seem to take that long to read, that’s a very good sign. The Diviners is one of those books – really long, but I was so interested in the story and the many different characters that it probably took less time to read than some 300-ish pages long books. That is a very good sign indeed.

My Review

Two historical books in the top ten! That’s very good for me – the few historical books I read tend to be quite decent, but I read so few that it’s not surprising that there aren’t many in my various Top 10s. This one definitely fits, though – there were very small problems, but in the time since I read this, they’ve been overshadowed by the great things in this book, especially all the amazing characters.

My Review

The family in this book is beautiful – one of my main (very small) problems with this book was that there weren’t more scenes with the family! And the fact that I not only didn’t hate protagonist Callie for having so much trouble letting her father in, but actually understood her is a sign that this book is truly great.

My Review

My first two Sarah Dessen books have been my favorites throughout my whole Summer of Sarah Dessen Challenge, and Lock and Key is one of those great books. I loved all the characters and the story itself, and my second Dessen book made it clear that much of the hype was worth it.

My Review

Golden was pretty much the talk of the book blogging world this past summer; I wasn’t as obsessed with it as most people (actually, I don’t think I ever saw a rating below 4 stars – my own was 4.5, if I remember correctly), but that just means I was only gushing a bit rather than a lot. This is seriously a great book, and it deserves its many slots on Top 10 lists this week.

My Review

This is another of those “I know it has flaws, but I honestly couldn’t care less because I think it’s amazing” books. It was weird and interesting seeing the characters from The Darkest Powers team up with the characters in this trilogy, and it was great how it ended – some might find it too neat, but I really liked it and how it could open up things to a new companion trilogy!

My Review

This was my very first Sarah Dessen book, and as I already said, it continued to be one of my favorites after the next ten books. Again, the characters and the story were great and made it clear that, though often formulaic, Dessen can write.

My Review

This book is from the very beginning of the year, but it hasn’t faded from mind like some other early 2013 books. Three different but all awesome girls that rise above the men helping or holding them back, with an interesting and twisty mystery to boot? Definitely a good thing in my book.


4 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Books I Read in 2013

    1. My favorites were The Truth About Forever and Lock and Key, which were also my first Sarah Dessen books! I thought they were nice introductions, although I think you can really start anywhere – earlier is better, though, because then you’ll read the later books and recognize cameos and such from earlier characters!

    1. Yeah, The Stars Still Shine was definitely worth the hype – I was kind of worried going in that I wouldn’t love it as much as everyone else did, but this was luckily one case where it turned out perfectly great as well and I wasn’t let down!

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