Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten New-To-Me Authors I Read in 2013


I focused on authors who had at least one book published prior to 2013 (and as I write this I just realized that I still chose a debut author, she just happened to have two books this year; oh well), but they’re (almost all – you’ll see why) authors that are not only new to me, but could be (or already are) new favorite authors.

(sorry for all the parentheses)

(I promise to stop)


(not really)

I’ve only read one of her books so far (why can’t you have Outcast, library?!), but it was such an enjoyable read that I immediately knew I should keep Adrienne Kress’s books on my radar. Friday Society was a 2012 debut, so it’s not like people discovered her a long, long time before me like some of the authors on this list, but I’m still counting her (because I really had so much trouble finding authors whom I’ve never read before and aren’t debut authors, as you’ll see).

I mainly read Out of the Easy because I heard some good reviews and I loved the cover – yep, the latter is a pretty shallow reason, but at least it got me to read it! Anyway, I not only enjoyed it, but I enjoyed it so much that I’m still entertaining the idea of reading her debut, Between Shades of Gray, despite my aversion to war-set books (especially WWII). An author that can do that is a very good one in my book!

I have actually read Judy Blume before, but those were a couple children’s books back in elementary school that I “had” (I say that in quotes because assigned reading in elementary school was a lot more fun than high school and college) to read for class; this was my first time reading a YA Judy Blume book. While Tiger Eyes didn’t blow me away, it was a pleasant book to read and gives me hope that I could become a big Judy Blume fangirl after reading more of her books.

I’ve only read one book from her, but if you’ve been on here in the past few months at all, you’ve probably picked up on my great love for My Life Next Door (sorry about that). It blew me away, partly because I wasn’t expecting to like it that much, but also because I just enjoyed it so much in the first place. Quite a bit of pressure on future books, but I’m quite hopeful for the future.

This is a debut author (which, as I mentioned earlier, I just noticed – completely forgot!), but she’s already had two books out this year and has two more coming out next year! Anyway, Pivot Point was a decent debut while The Distance Between Us blew me away with its adorableness! Definitely an author I want to keep an eye on given the range she showed in just one year.

For some reason, I kind of avoided her books for the first half of this year. I’m not sure why, especially considering how many contemporary books I’ve been reading this year. I think I saw a meh-ish review of her first book, so I decided her books weren’t for me. I know that seeing them everywhere made me more wary of her than excited to try them, but I’m definitely glad I did. Both of her books impressed me and have me starting to get excited for her new release in 2014!

Moonglass had been on my to-read shelf for a long time – until it didn’t last one of my “let’s try to get this shelf less full” sprees. Then I started hearing good things about her second book, and I decided I should start with Moonglass first and then read In Honor. Well, I ended up really enjoying both, so I was quite pumped for the raved-about Golden. I think it’s a sign of how universally loved this book is that my 4.5 rating of it seemed almost underwhelming! Definitely excited for her future books, whenever that might be!

Yes, before this year, I had never read any of Sarah Dessen’s books. Well, now I’ve read them all. Yes, my Summer of Sarah Dessen challenge was successful and I managed to read all eleven of her books. Some were much better than others, but I was quite grateful for the whole experience. I definitely plan on checking out future Sarah Dessen books and agree with the many people who say that her books are great summer reads.

(Pretend there’s an asterisk on this – and I apologize for the last time about my apparent love of parentheses today)

This is where I ran out of actual new authors for 2013 and started choosing authors whose books I have read in the past but who I might be changing my mind about. Victoria Schwab’s debut, The Near Witch, was a decent book, but it didn’t really impress me all that much or leave a big impression on me – her book this year, though, was a different story, and has increased my opinion of her books and has me excited for The Unbound next year.

Sarah Ockler is pretty beloved by many big readers of YA contemporary books, so I often felt like a black sheep, especially regarding my less-than-stunning feelings about Twenty Boy Summer. Well, this year began to change my mind about her. She’s not a new favorite author or anything, but I did enjoy Fixing Delilah and The Book of Broken Hearts quite a bit – in fact, the latter’s review has got to be one of my longest, most personal, most ranting review ever and I’d be lying if I didn’t say that that fact has definitely increased my opinion of her as well. Here’s to hoping that all future books of hers make me feel the same way!


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