Fall 2013 Round-Up & Winter 2014 TBR

Time to recap the books from the previous TBR posts that I’ve read since the last recap, as well as a new batch of TBR books for Winter of 2014! I just posted a Top Ten Tuesday list of my Winter 2014 TBR list, but it had more new books on it than this list will, because this list will focus more on the books I think I can very possibly get my hands on without having to buy something.

Pre-Fall 2013: Books I Finally Read

VampireAcademy BeforeIFall LikeMandarin EnchantedIvy TigerEyes

Yes, I’ve finally read Vampire Academy, and, despite some small issues with it, I actually enjoyed it! I’m glad when series that most other people enjoy actually end up working out for me. Unfortunately, Before I Fall ended up being a DNF – not because it was bad, but because I was too bored with the beginning setup to stick around for the emotional good stuff. Like Mandarin was also a boring and slightly clichéd book for me. And I didn’t even read Enchanted Ivy – it didn’t survive my latest to-read shelf cleanse, so there’s no reason to keep it around on the list as well. Luckily, Tiger Eyes actually went well and gives me hope that I’ll enjoy future Judy Blume books as well.

Fall 2013: The Books I Read

StormGlass BetweentheDevilandtheDeepBlueSea Amy&RogersEpicDetour ThroneofGlass WheretheStarsStillShine SecondChanceSummer OneMoment ExtraordinarySecretsofAprilMayJune

I was quite excited for Storm Glass, but unfortunately it just didn’t keep me entertained like the Study and Healer books did, so I put it aside after getting over halfway done – I’ll stick to Yelena and Avry stories in the future, with their much stronger and more interesting protagonists.

And I really wanted to and expected to love Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea, but I made it little more than a fourth of the way in before I had enough of the main character and the love interest.

I expected Amy & Roger’s Epic Detour to be just like the other books, but it actually went quite well! I really enjoyed it and now look forward to other Morgan Matson books (like Second Chance Summer, which you will find a little ways down…

But first I read the also-unfortunately-disapointing Throne of Glass. It was another DNF because the book just was not for me. High fantasy is a tricky genre for me, and it just didn’t work with this book.

Luckily, Where The Stars Still Shine turned out much better – it was pretty much perfect and I read it in two days, while still attending classes and being sick (which either worked against or for more reading, I’m not quite sure which). I think I am officially a Trish Doller fan – I enjoyed her debut for the most part, but it didn’t leave quite the impact on me that it did on many other people. Looking forward to her next book, although, unfortunately, it apparently doesn’t come out until 2015! That seems so far away!

Oh, Second Chance Summer, how you played with my emotions. I wasn’t a huge fan of the first half or so of this book, but the second half left me totally wrecked. Definitely have a tissue box nearby when reading this.

One Moment went better – I finished it and enjoyed parts of it, but other parts left me slightly underwhelmed and confused, so mixed feelings, but at least I was able to finish it!

The Extraordinary Secrets of April, May, and June was another DNF – the sisters just irritated me, which is really sad since I try to seek out books about sisters.

Pre-Winter 2014: The Books I Still Need To Get To

TheDisenchantments Outcast UnitedWeSpy RedPyramid

Only four books! That’s really good for me, especially considering there were seven books on my Pre-Fall 2013 list in addition to the ten Fall 2013 books! I can get my hands on two of them quite easily, so hopefully I’ll work my way through them quickly.

Winter 2014: The List

HouseofHades HowmySummerWentUpinFlames AlsoKnownAs DaysofBlood&Starlight Shine Afterglow TheoryofEverything SinceYouAsked HowToLove Frostbite

I’m starting to run out of the “older” books on my to-read shelf (meaning books that have been there for quite a while), so some newer books that I can’t necessarily get very easily are on this list instead. Hopefully that doesn’t impact my progress next spring too badly!


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