Monthly Rewind: November


Song of the Month: The Gardiner Sisters – Counting Stars (Cover)

This is a really cool cover of OneRepublic’s latest song, and it’s by sisters (if you couldn’t tell from their name)! So, awesome combination, of course. I’ve been listening to it a lot lately in addition to the real version.

Top Books Read

1. Prep School Confidential (Kara Taylor): This wasn’t an amazing book, but it was still quite enjoyable and had an interesting and twisty mystery that will continue in the second book, which I will definitely be checking out. (Review coming soon)

2. If I Stay and Where She Went (Gayle Forman): It was great rereading and having my heart broken all over again with these books, although it just makes me sadder that I didn’t connect with Just One Day more, and makes me more scared for Just One Year (which I currently have from the library – even scarier)!

3. Antigoddess (Kendare Blake): I just finished this last night, and even though it took me a while to read (almost a whole week), that wasn’t because I wasn’t interested in it – in fact, I was quite happy to take my time reading it, and enjoyed it the whole way through. (Review coming soon)

Books I’m Excited About

CasualVacany Impossible

I’m kind of scared but mostly excited to finally read J.K. Rowling’s first non-Harry Potter book. I also plan on checking out her mystery book, but I’m going in order and trying to spread them out since god knows how long it’ll be in between her books! And I’m excited to finally reread Impossible for the first time in a while, although it’ll probably have to wait until a bit later in the month.

Upcoming Releases I’m Excited About


This book has gotten plenty of advanced and raving reviews, so this will either be an amazing book for me as well or a great disappointment. Obviously I’m hoping for the former…

A Goal for December

Get a ton read while I’m home; the first couple of weeks will be full of end-of-semester projects and exams and such, but once I’m home, I hope to read a lot. Also, reorganize my bookcase – again – because I’ve gotten some books since I left for school, and I couldn’t reorganize until all my books were in one place again, which will be winter break! You have no idea how excited I get about reorganizing my bookcase. It might be a problem…


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