All the Books (69)




I’m not rereading this book as quickly as the first one, but that’s not because I’m not into it, I just haven’t been reading as much in the first couple of days at home. I’m enjoying it just as much as the first time around!


ExtraordinarySecretsofAprilMayJune LeapofFaith TheBadQueen BoyfriendApp Duchessina IfIStay

Well, my week started off badly with April, May, and June – all three sisters narrated, but other than the different things they complained about, they were pretty similar in their narration and I just wasn’t interesting in reading about them even if they were sisters. Leap of Faith was also a DNF – I was ten chapters/almost halfway in, and even though I was mildly interested in the story, I couldn’t really force myself to care about the protagonist at all. Not a good sign.

Like The Wild Queen, The Bad Queen wasn’t perfect and definitely had me skimming at parts, but it still gave me some interesting insights to Marie-Antoinette.

Then it was backing to DNF, unfortunately – I just couldn’t push myself to finish The Boyfriend App, even though I was roughly halfway through a 7 hours+ story – the MC just became too judgey and downright mean (in her head, anyway) just because a girl liked the boy she was crushing on (and it’s not like the girl knew the MC liked him). Too much for me to take, unfortunately.

Luckily, Duchessina was just as reliable as the other Young Royals books and was actually my favorite of the bunch. She was definitely the least-known protagonist for me (well, maybe her and Mary, Queen of Scots).

Yeah, If I Stay is pretty much just as sad the second time around, but in the best way possible. It just makes me more worried for Just One Year, though, which you can see in the…


Antigoddess WickedWithin CasualVacany Awaken Star Cursed JustOneYear ImpossibilityofTomorrow

If this had been posted a couple days earlier, then this would have been completely empty (well, I would have found something to reread off my shelf, as I already did with If I Stay and Where She Went, but whatever), but then I went to the library yesterday and was stuck lugging around a huge stack of books. A few of these will help me with challenges – need to get a few more sophomore books read!


I’ve added a few books recently, but they’ve all pretty much been uncovered 2014 debuts – I want to find some more debuts for next year’s challenge! So, I have not necessarily gotten my to-read shelf completely under control, I’ve just been adding a lot to my “uncovered books” shelf lately.


Something Real

I’m not wowed by Something Real or anything, but it does look cute and fairly unique for YA. I like all the old TVs and such, and it would definitely catch my eye, which is a good thing for a debut like this book is.


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