Mini-Reviews: October


VampireAcademyI kind of came into this book expecting to feel pretty “meh” about it, but I actually enjoyed it.

It wasn’t an amazing book or anything, but it was quite enjoyable. I liked protagonist Rose for the most part, I was interested in the central mystery of the book, and I enjoyed finding out more about the mythology of the world. I felt that there was some info-dumping in this book, especially toward the beginning, which is kind of weird, since I don’t normally seem to notice info-dumping. It was probably really bad for some people if even I noticed it.

I think I figured out a couple of the twists ahead of time, but definitely not all of them, so I was still interested to see what was going to happen. For me, the whole book went fairly fast, even when not so much was going on, so that bumped up the entertainment value for me, luckily.

Overall, I liked this book quite a bit more than I was expecting to, and I look forward to checking out the rest of the series.


InfinityglassI really wanted to like this book, I did. I just didn’t.

I really, really enjoyed Hourglass when I read it. Then I enjoyed it again when I reread it before reading Timepiece. And I expected to like Timepiece as well, especially since I liked the character of Kaleb, who was narrating it. But I mostly like his dynamic with Em, and since it was clear nothing more was going to happen between them, it turned me off slightly. Then a romance with Em’s best friend, whom I had liked in the first book, was thrown in, and I found myself Not Happy.

So, I was hoping that this book would go better, with a completely new character and a previous background character both taking up the pov for this book. Unfortunately, this book made it clear why I don’t like books to change perspectives in different books – it’s weird to see characters that were previously the stars through someone else’s eyes. It’s one thing when this is down in third person, but it’s just weird in first person.

I also didn’t quite remember what had happened in the second book, plus I was bored with this story. I feel like I slightly outgrew this story during the course of its publishing, which is a shame. Maybe I would have finished it if I had had the chance to read all three at once two years ago, but I guess I’ll never know.


WhenYouWereHereI loved Daisy Whitney’s Mockingbirds duology, so I wanted to love this standalone as well, but I just couldn’t.

I only got about fifty or so pages in, probably. I can’t even remember. While I was reading other books, I was also forcing myself to try and read at least a chapter a day from this book. Maybe that’s partly why I didn’t enjoy it. Maybe if I had read it all in one go, it would have gone better. But I didn’t, and it didn’t.

I just didn’t care about the main character. And because I didn’t care about the main character, I had trouble caring about the story. I think that’s what broke it for me. If I had liked the MC, I think I would have liked the book, maybe even loved it. I didn’t even make it out of the US – he was just planning to leave on a whim when I finally gave up. No, that sounds too proactive. I was still planning on picking it back up, forcing myself to finish it, when I was going to the library, looked down at it, and decided that I was done.

I’ll always have The Mockingbirds and The Rivals, but that might be all for me from Whitney, based on less-than-stellar reviews for her next book.


StormGlassI pretty much loved Maria V. Snyder’s Study trilogy and the first book in her Healer trilogy, so I expected to be equally smitten with her companion trilogy to Study; unfortunately, it just wasn’t meant to be.

It wasn’t that this was a bad book or anything. In fact, if I didn’t have other books I was looking forward to reading, I might have read the whole thing. Unfortunately, I was just kind of bored. Opal was different than Yelena and Avry, less proactive and interesting, more passive and insecure. She was constantly angsting over the fact that she wasn’t magical enough, ignoring the fact that the one thing she could do was helping run the entire kingdom. She’s important, but she’s too busy angsting about all the ways she isn’t important.

I just didn’t see myself caring about what was going on, which made it difficult to continue on. Finally, I decided there was really no reason I had to, and I set it aside. I was sad, but happy that I can read books I like instead, like the Study and Healer books.


BeforeIFallThis is a contemporary book that I’ve heard so many good things about and have had on my to-read shelf for so long that it was practically a permanent fixture near the top. Even when I wasn’t a fan of Lauren Oliver’s Delirium, I wasn’t deterred from reading this book because it was contemporary rather than a paranormal/dystopian type romance. Unfortunately, this book didn’t go well either, but for a different reason.

Like Stormglass, I could have potentially liked this book if I kept reading it. I stopped about 30-50 pages in not because it was a bad book, but because I found myself not caring. The characters, including the protagonist, start off the book as judgmental mean girls. Normally, I would have a problem with them, but I knew that the protagonist would probably end the book realizing the error of her ways. The more mean and judgmental things said, though, the less I wanted to read to get to that point. I knew things would surely get better, but I didn’t want to drag myself through the bad just to get to the good.

I’m sure this book is just as amazing as so many people say it is, but I just wasn’t patient enough to find out.


ThroneofGlassI hadn’t really planned on reading this book initially. When I first heard about it, it didn’t really sound like my thing. Then the sequel’s release date approached and it seemed like everyone was raving about just how amazing this book was, so I figured I might as well give it a shot. Well, the fantasy genre continues to be a hit or miss thing for me.

I think one of my main issues with this was the narration. Third person narration isn’t a deal breaker for me, but sometimes it does disconnect with from the story, and that was certainly the case here. If you asked me what the main character’s name was, I could only tell you the first name (Caelena? something like that), and that’s mostly because I’ve been reading Reading With A Vengeance‘s chapter-by-chapter read to see what I’m missing (you can check it out here, but you probably wouldn’t want to if you liked the book, just warning you). The narration was just so detached and spent most of its time bragging about C-whatever.

I was bored and rolled my eyes quite a bit. I mean, come on – I know she’s a freaking assassin, you don’t have to call her The Assassin when her name or a simple pronoun would suffice. I don’t want to say anything else, though, because I honestly didn’t read enough to get a good idea of the feel of the story and I don’t know how much of my opinion has been colored by the snarky and often critical chapter-by-chapter opinions I’m getting from Reading. Either way, this obviously wasn’t the book for me, but that doesn’t mean loads of people don’t like it.



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