Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Sequels I Can’t Wait to Get My Hands On


Since I didn’t have enough legitimate sequels for this list, the first half of the books are legitimate sequels and the second half are third, fourth, etc. books but technically sequels to the books that come before them (see how tricky I am?). I even color coded them for your convenience! Applause isn’t necessary, but free cookies and books are always appreciated.

Anyway, on with the list!


I was kind of surprised how much I enjoyed The Archived, especially after a slow start. The ending was quite interesting, so I definitely want to check it out and see if it can keep up its entertaining momentum.


The Diviners was really long, but I read it so quickly because it was just so interesting and entertaining. It seemed like the first book could have been wrapped up everything and been a standalone, but I’m still interested to see how the storylines left hanging get developed. Plus, it’s Libba Bray. Come on!


I didn’t love Pivot Point in the way I loved Kasie West’s contemporary, The Distance Between Us, but I’m definitely interested to see what’ll happen with Addison and her best friend who gets a dual pov or complete pov in this sequel.


I was surprised with how much I enjoyed Scarlet, especially with all its grammatical mistakes (although, in the book’s defense, it’s meant to have all these grammatical mistakes as mark of the narration, something a lot of books aren’t willing to commit to) and its historical setting, which can sometimes be a bit of a miss for me. Definitely interested to see what’s going to happen after the ending, although I think I need to reread the first book before getting my hands on this one.


This is more of a companion book, I think, but it still fits the basic role of a sequel. My Life Next Door was a surprise hit for me, and Tim was one of my favorite characters in it, so I’m really excited to see his story as well as more of Samantha and Jace. I don’t think this book is coming out until 2015, though, which makes me very, very sad.


This is a book that’s been a long time coming, so hopefully it’ll stick to its mid-2014 publishing date. I know some of the story behind the long delay, so I’m not mad at the author or anything, but I’m definitely getting impatient. Of course, I feel like I’m pretty impatient if I can’t get my hands on a book minutes after I finish reading the first book. I just want to spend all my time reading all the books!


This is the last book in the Wildefire trilogy, so I’m interested to see how everything is going to end for the characters I’ve come to love and care about. Plus, it has twists on mythology that don’t make me want to throw a mythology book at it and teach it the right myths!


Oh, the last Gallagher Girls book. It’ll be bittersweet, but I’ll be happy to see what happens to Cammie and her friends and how it all ends.


Oh, what a cliffhanger we were left with at the end of The Mark of Athena. I need to know what happens next, but I also want to wait until we’re closer to the last book’s release date next fall! We’ll see when I’m actually able to get my hands on this book in the first place before we worry about if I read it or wait.


The last book in the hugely-purple-prose-but-luckily-still-interesting-to-me Shatter Me trilogy. I don’t want to root for Warner because he’s a frightening sociopath, but I can’t help it, he’s more interesting than Adam! But no one is awesomer than Kenji, which is why I’m even using the word “awesomer” to describe him. Team Kenji Is Awesome! And that’s basically the only time I’ll declare myself for a “team.”


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