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ThisSongWillSaveYourLife Scarlet LolaandtheBoyNextDoor LikeMandarin

I wanted to like This Song Will Save Your Life, I really did, I just couldn’t deal with MC Elise. It was awful that Elise was so often the victim of bullying, but it was hard to feel sympathy for her when I heard all the snobby things in her head, and I just couldn’t handle the blasé way it looked at suicide and such. It was a short book, but it took me a lot than it should have to read little more than 100 pages because I was basically forcing myself to get through it. Sadly not the book for me, although I’m sure it has a great meaning behind it, especially toward the end – I just couldn’t force myself to read that far.

Scarlet went better, but I’m still not loving this series as much as everyone else apparently does. I just seem to be having trouble connecting with many of the characters. I liked Thorne in this book, but I didn’t really care about Cinder, Scarlet, or Wolf, which made it hard to care about the story. I’m not sure I’m going to be picking up the third book, even though I wish I could love these books as much as everyone else does – I mean, they’re fairy tale retellings, and I love fairy tales! I guess it’s just not meant to be.

And I’d already read Lola before, so I knew it would be a nice palette cleanser (and, luckily, I was right). It a bit more dramatic and over the top than I remembered, but, hey, that’s Lola!

And then I was back to DNFing – Like Mandarin just wasn’t drawing me in and seemed like it was relying on some tropes I’m not a fan of if not fleshed out better (hating and desperate to get out of a small town, misunderstood wild child that the MC is obsessed with).


Linked Demonosity LeapofFaith TheRules PrepSchoolConfidential Duchessina TheBadQueen TheWildQueen

Well, I went to the library and got plenty more books! And, thanks to Reign, I decided to get Carolyn Meyer’s Mary, Queen of Scots book, along with the stories of Marie Antoinette and Catherine de’ Medici (sorry if I spelled them wrong – I’m don’t feel like looking them up right now), and I got a few other books as well.



This is a *gasp* non-fiction book! I know, that’s a first for me, but I saw it on Jamie from The Perpetual Page Turner‘s “November Most Wanted Books” post and thought it sounded so interesting! I love fairy tales, but I love hearing about real life royalty just as much, as you can see from the multiple Young Royals books I just got this week.


There is a new cover for E. Lockhart’s We Were Liars, but I’m waiting until they put up a copy that doesn’t have “Entertainment Weekly” stamped on the bottom.


2 thoughts on “All the Books (66)

    1. Yeah, and it is great that so many people love it, but it just wasn’t for me for some odd, unknown reason. But I’m definitely excited about The Bad Queen and The Wild Queen, which is kind of surprising, since I tend to avoid historical books for another unknown reason!

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