Monthly Rewind: October


Song of the Month: Sophie-Tith – J’veux M’en Aller (live)

I’ve been really trying to learn French recently, and part of my efforts including finding French singers so that I can listen to French songs and just try to get French into as many different aspects of my day as possible. Anyway, Sophie-Tith is the only artist I’ve found so far, but I’m sure I’ll find more! And, since I can’t buy French songs on American iTunes, I have to resort to YouTube, which unfortunately only has a live version of one of the songs that I like, but oh well, it’s still great!

Top Books Read

1. The Mediator (Meg Cabot): It was great rereading this series again! It’s normally my summer tradition, but it was a nice break during the craziness of midterms.

2. Amy & Roger’s Epic Detour (Morgan Matson): I wasn’t really expecting to like this book, so it ended up going a lot better than I thought it would. It was quite entertaining and makes me hopeful about future Morgan Matson books. (review coming soon)

3. Where the Stars Still Shine (Trish Doller): Oh god, this book was amazing. Even when I was mad at MC Callie, I was too busy feeling sorry for her to really be mad, plus it was just so in character with who she was. My only problem with the book seemed to be a tad too much romantic drama and a sometimes annoying cousin, but those were just minor things. (review coming soon)

4. Second Chance Summer (Morgan Matson): I had some issues with the first half or so of this book (which you can read about in the super long review I wrote pretty much as soon as I was done with it, which will be up around mid-November), but the last half or so packed such an emotional punch. Seriously, have a Kleenex box handy. (review coming soon)

5. Lola and the Boy Next Door (Stephanie Perkins): This book was a bit more dramatic than I remember, but it was still great to reread it and revisit the adorable Lola and Cricket!

Books I’m Excited About


I read quite a few (for me, anyway) sad books this past month, so I might as reread If I Stay and its companion book as well, right? Get all the tears out in a one month time period or something. Hopefully there’ll be some happy and new books mixed in, though!

Upcoming Releases I’m Excited About


The Wildefire trilogy has been a reliably entertaining and interesting-mythology-retelling set of books for me, so I hope the last book turns out just as well! And I hope some more people start reading them because I feel like very few have!

A Goal for October

Really read a lot of the first 20 or so books on my to-read shelf? That was my goal for last month and I didn’t read nearly as many as I wanted to and had hoped to have read by now. So, I’ll try to continue with that goal. Save up the big goals for the end of the year.


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