All the Books (65)




I want to like this book, but I’m only a couple chapters into it and I’m getting kind of annoyed with Elsie, especially the flippant attitude she seems to have toward suicide. So many people loved this book and I hope I’ll end up loving it as well, but it’s not going great so far. Again, though, I’m not very far into it, so hopefully things will change.


Amy&RogersEpicDetour ThroneofGlass WheretheStarsStillShine SecondChanceSummer

It’s been a mostly good week for reading, although also quite sad.

I was a little unsure about Amy & Roger’s Epic Detour before starting it, but I ended up liking it a lot more than I thought I would. It was quite enjoyable and makes me look forward to Morgan Matson’s other book.

Throne of Glass just wasn’t for me, however – I got about 10% into it and it still wasn’t clicking. High fantasy is a tricky genre for me, and this just seems to be another casualty of the genre.

Where the Stars Still Shine was back to good reading, luckily – it was heartbreaking and beautiful and adorable and just about perfect. Definitely a Trish Doller fan now – why do I have to wait until 2015 for her next book, though?!

And then I read Second Chance Summer. I feel like I have two ratings for it – 3.5 stars for the first half or so, when the focus is mostly on characters I don’t care that much about and friendship and romantic drama, but then there’s the last hundred or so pages. That part of the book gets five freaking gold stars for emotional punches alone. I didn’t know my eyes could get tired from crying. And it took me forever to read the last thirty or so pages because I had to stop every few paragraphs because it was just so emotional. Amazing.


Scarlet Linked Demonosity LeapofFaith

No library trip for me this week (although I will be back home next week, which means LIBRARY! And other things, of course), so I’m slowly working my way down the pile again.


PurpleHibiscus SummerStateofMind SinceYouveBeenGone

I actually added books this week! I added Purple Hibiscus after I listened to a talk from the author for one of my classes and I discovered that she had a YA book. It takes place in Africa, where the author grew up, and I figured it would give me the chance to read more books that have non-American, non-white protagonists. And Summer State of Mind is kind of on the opposite side of things – I want to read it because it’s apparently a sequel or companion to Sleepaway Girls, a fluffy book that I really enjoyed. The covers don’t match, but I’m finding myself not minding too much. And I added Morgan Matson’s next book pretty much as soon as I was done with Second Chance Summer. It doesn’t sound nearly as emotional, but I don’t care. In fact, my eyes will probably be quite thankful.


ForgetMe Illusive

I’m excited for this book (which is from the author of the Clarity books and Dead and Buried, written under a slightly different pen name), but I have to admit that I’m kind of disappointed by this cover. If I didn’t know anything about the book, which sounds quite interesting, I would probably skip over this. Hopefully I have a higher opinion of the book than the cover!

I like the cover of 2014 debut, Illusive, much more. It’s kind of similar – focus on the title, little more than a shadow of a person, and… OK, that’s all that seems to be the same, but whatever. Looks and sounds interesting – hopefully it is!


4 thoughts on “All the Books (65)

    1. I hope I like Scarlet, especially since I wasn’t as big a fan of Cinder. And I’m definitely looking forward to Since You’ve Been Gone and Illusive equally, even though they sound like very different books! 🙂

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