All the Books (64)



Amy&RogersEpicDetour ThroneofGlass

I was a little wary of Amy & Roger’s Epic Detour because I’ve read rave reviews and less-than-rave reviews, but nothing really in between. Luckily, I seem to be leaning toward the former opinion – I’m over halfway through it and I’m really liking it! May have found a new author to like (we’ll find out soon – I just got Second Chance Summer from the library, which is the second book from this author).

Throne of Glass isn’t going as well, but that’s mainly because I’m only a couple chapters in andjust am not that interested in it yet. It could – and hopefully will – get better the further into it I get.


Mediator6 BetweentheDevilandtheDeepBlueSea BeforeIFall WhenYouWereHere

Finally finished up the Mediator series! It took longer than I expected, but it was great once again revisiting Suze and company.

I was really excited about Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea, so I was really disappointed when I only got about a fourth into the book and kind of wanted to throw it, which isn’t a good idea since it’s on my Nook. Seriously could not stand the main character and the way some of the secondary characters were treated. If I kept reading it, I’m sure my eyes would have gotten stuck from all the eye rolling I was doing. Really disappointing, especially after reading so many rave reviews – and the author has my name (kind of)!

Unfortunately, my third book of the week ended up being a DNF as well. I think it’s the type of book I would normally really enjoy and I can see why people enjoy it – I mean, it’s an interesting look at a semi-fallen popular girl (I say semi-fallen because it’s like Some Girls or whatever where she gets kicked out of the popular clique – she dies) and her redemption, but I just couldn’t bear reading any more about what comes before the redemption because she and her friends are too judgmental for me to handle, even though I know they’re supposed to, they’re supposed to be mean, imperfect people. Maybe I’ll try this book again later, but I kind of doubt it.

I actually read When You Were Here a couple weeks ago, whenever I didn’t have another book in reach, but I didn’t list it on Goodreads or elsewhere because I figured it would get my focus later. Well, I just never got that interested in it and didn’t feel like picking it back up. After sixty pages, I think that’s enough for me to get really interested. Not a bad book, just not something I wanted to read.

So, wow, a lot of DNFs this week – well, at least that means I’m working my way through my huge stack of books!


WheretheStarsStillShine SecondChanceSummer ThisSongWillSaveYourLife Scarlet Linked Demonosity LeapofFaith

As you can see, I went to the library again. Lots of books I’ve been looking forward to and a few that I was as anxious to read but will happy to read regardless. Let’s hope they turn out better than some of the books I read this week.


Yet again, I don’t think I’ve added any book to my to-read shelf this week. It’s been a couple weeks since I did – maybe I’ll be able to get it under 100 books sometime in the next couple of months!



This cover seems slightly generic and nothing new, but it’s from the author of The Distance Between Us and the premise sounds just as interesting and adorable, so I am quite excited for it!


4 thoughts on “All the Books (64)

    1. I’ve heard so many people rave about Throne of Glass and Crown of Midnight, so I really hope I feel the same way! The same for Scarlet – I feel like I was one of the few who wasn’t overly impressed by Cinder, but I’m tentatively hopeful for Scarlet (especially since I gave up on the audiobook of it – audiobooks are just rarely for me, it seems!)

  1. Bummer with the DNFs. This Song Will Save Your Life is sitting on my desk right now. I’ve got a couple of books I want to read before that, but I’m excited for it! Where the Stars Still Shine is another one I want to read. Hope you like them =)

    1. Luckily this week seems to be going better! I had another DNF, and a very popular book, but the rest have been pretty good so far, INCLUDING Where the Stars Still Shine! I’m almost done with it and loving it! And I am definitely looking forward to This Song Will Save Your Life!

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