Book Blogger Confessions (4)


This is a confession that makes me feel kind of bad, but I’ll go ahead and say it: sometimes I worry that I’m becoming a book snob.

Before I got into blogging and read a lot of YA books, I didn’t seem to care about the protagonist so much. No, that sounds strange – I mean I didn’t use to get so annoyed with the protagonists of books so easily. I cared about them more than I do now because I spend a lot more time judging them.

And that’s a bit ironic when you consider the fact that I often judge these characters for being judgmental. It’s a cycle. Or something.

So, anyway, back to the point. I really noticed this unfortunate development this past summer when I was reading lots of different books on my family’s trip. Oftentimes, the worst part of a book for me would be the main character. She was too much of a wallflower, she was too judge-y, she was too whiny, she was too angsty, she was too obsessed with her love interest… really, there were loads of things that could annoy me. And unfortunately, many main characters lately seem to have at least one of these traits, if not more.

I love reading – I mean, why else would I be doing this if I didn’t love to read? And I love meeting new protagonists and reading about their adventures. I don’t want to get so annoyed with antagonists. I don’t want to spend my time rolling my eyes over and over again because the protagonist is allegedly saying something witty or sarcastic or interesting when I think the exact opposite.

I don’t want to be a snob!

Unfortunately, I’m not sure how to fix it, which means I’m going to have to just hope that every book I pick up has a character that doesn’t bring out my newfound snobbiness.

Unless you know of some way to cure me of this issue, in which case I will give you cookies.

(Not really, but you’ll make me very happy and I might write more interesting BBCs in the future!)


8 thoughts on “Book Blogger Confessions (4)

  1. I think we all encounter such protagonists! I know I have met many MC’s that annoy the hell out of me (recently Lena from the Delirium series). It’s not that you are snobby, but you just can’t connect with them! 🙂

    1. Thanks, that makes me feel much better! It does seem like I like books more when I connect to main characters, either because we’re similar or they seem like the type of person I’d want to be friends with. Like right now – I’m rereading the Mediator series, and even though Suze and I aren’t alike, she’s the type of girl that I’d want to be friends with, which definitely makes the books more entertaining!

  2. HAHA yeah, before I started really taking my book reading seriously (which is sort of inevitable if you’re a book blogger), I never really used to get half as annoyed as I tend to be now. I don’t think there’s a really effective cure for this, but I think that if we just try to step into the shoes of the main characters for a while, we’d be able to appreciate their decisions better. I judge a lot of heroines for being whiny or hesitant, but when I think of myself in their situation, I usually feel a LOT better because I realize that I’d do it even worse XD So yeah! Great topic 😉

    1. Definitely! I especially get that way about romantic decisions – I’ll be yelling at the MCs for doing something because of their love interest (can’t even think of an example for some reason, though), and then I’ll realize that I would probably do the EXACT same thing if I were in their position. Then I get quiet really quickly… 🙂

  3. I know how you feel!! I feel like I notice flaws in books more, now that I blog about them! For instance, bad characters and insta-love annoy me more than when I wasn’t blogging!! It’s kind of weird that this is happening… Great Discussion!

    Rita xx

    1. It’s the exact same – I was noticing recently that I’m starting to feel that way about infodumping as well. I don’t think I ever really noticed it, but I see so many people complain about it in book reviews, and it started to bug me when reading a book recently. I don’t know if I would have even noticed it if it weren’t for reading about it in some many reviews!

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