Top Ten Tuesday: Best Series Enders


Technically this week’s topic is Top Ten Best/Worst Series Enders, but I decided to focus on the positive and have just chosen series enders that I actually enjoyed. I feel like, normally, I don’t make it to the end of series I don’t like, so this was an easier topic anyway. Moving on, here are the best of the best, at least in my opinion!


Since I’m rereading this series, now is the perfect time to heap some more praise on it! Anyway, I was quite happy with the way things got wrapped up in this book. Sure, there were a lot of neat endings with extravagent bows pinned on them, but I don’t read this books because I want real, gritty books – I want to be entertained for about a week or two, laughing and smiling and giggling the whole way through. Meg Cabot is actually apparently writing more books in this series (!), so I’m not sure how I feel about that – I would love to revisit a lot of these characters, especially Suze and Jesse, but I’m also kind of worried that I won’t like them as much or that it’ll mess up this ending. So, we’ll see what happens with that.


This is a series that I don’t hear much about because it’s probably written for younger YA readers and is more of a fun and fluffy series than a serious one that looks at important issues (although I think it does look at some issues associated with growing up, especially in a stressful environment like Hollywood), but I really enjoyed it (in fact, it’s yet another series I hope to reread soon). The ending was just as fluffy and enjoyable, with an It’s a Wonderful Life-type twist or whatever that movie is. It was the kind of book that seemed to end the series perfectly and made me wish it wasn’t over, which is the perfect way to end a series.


Ah, a Series of Unfortunate Events – a weird, twisted, depressing, awesome, quirky, and entertaining series that ended with a book full of death, reappearances, and a pretty fitting ending. Let’s just assume that I need to reread all of these series, ok? Because I do, I really do. I’m in the midst of buying all the books (for cheap, because that’s just the type of shopper I am!), so once I have them all, I’ll happily reread them.


I know some people thought that the epilogue was cheesy or whatever, but I was really happy to see all these characters I loved after everything happened. I wanted to know what their lives turned into, who they ended up with and what silly names they gave their children and what their children were like.


I recently reread the Ruby Oliver quartet, and I was glad to see that not only did I like it as much as I did the first time, but the ending was just as great as I remembered it. Things ended well for Ruby and her friends and her various “real live boyfriends,” and I wouldn’t mind seeing what else happens to Ruby and her friends even if their lives are perfect and there’s basically no plot.


I really liked the way the Darkest Powers trilogy ended. The relationship between Chloe and Derek, Chloe and Simon, Chloe and Tori, the entire group – it was just interesting to see how things turned out for them. There was definitely an ending, but it left future adventures as an option, which made me quite happy.


I enjoyed the final book in the Darkness Rising trilogy as well, although it was a little weird seeing Chloe and company when they weren’t the main characters anymore. Yet again, it had an ending but it left the possibility for future adventures that I would totally read.


So much death and destruction, but still a great ending to an interesting and hilarious series. It was more serious than some of the earlier books, of course, but it was fitting. Like many other books on this list, it ended the series well but left the possibility of continuation (which it did via The Heroes of Olympus).


This is another series that seems to fly under the radar, but it’s definitely not beccause it’s aimed at a younger audience – this series isn’t a commonly banned book for nothing. It’s written entirely in IMs and texts, which might turn a lot of people off, but I first read them back in middle school (back when I didn’t always understand what they were talking about), when the idea would have more entertaining, but even now I like having the different format. Yet again, MUST REREAD! Next year I might want to challenge myself to reread all the books I own so that I stop saying it about every book on my Top Ten lists…


This one is kind of mixed. When I first read this, back in eighth grade if I remember correctly, I kind of hated the ending (if you’ve read it, you probably know why) – so much death and such did not make young me happy. Now, though, whenever I finally reread it, I don’t think I would mind so much. In fact, I might be happy that it doesn’t wrap everything up with a happy ending and a bow so easily. Either way, this massive book was quite interesting, or was entertaining all those years ago (say it with me – must reread!).


9 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Best Series Enders

  1. YAY for The Mediator – those books are still one of my all time favourite YA series ❤ Cabot is writing more. I am also excited and a little worried, Everything ended PERFECTLY in my opinion, but I am not really complaining about reading more of Jesse – I was so in love with him, haha. I just hope nothing happens to their relationship – like a love triangle or something, that would break my heart </3
    My Top Ten post 🙂

    1. I’m rereading the series right now, so it’s been a pretty good reading week for me! 😀

      Yeah, I don’t want any romantic drama just to have drama. I think we can still have a great book without making Suze and Jesse fight or adding another guy or whatever. Just let them be happy!

  2. When I read The Sweet Far Thing in high school, I loved it. So much. But the ending KILLED me. I thought I’d get over it, so a few years ago I reread the series again. And no. The ending still kills me. I just hate what happened to Kartik! (But I am happy that Libba Bray decided not to take the “happy ending” route like so many others do…I just wish it hadn’t been at the expense of Kartik/Gemma.)

    1. Yeah, I keep telling myself that I appreciate the fact that it doesn’t have a generic happy ending and that I’ll appreciate it more if I reread it now as an older reader, but I’m sure I’ll still kind of hate it. It’s just so sad! I reread the first two books and about half of the third a few years ago, but I haven’t made it to the end yet…

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