All the Books (62)


Oh, apparently this is the 300th post, so yay for milestones!




In the midst of my happy rereading of the Mediator series! I’ve reread all these books the past few summers, so I’m a little late this year, but that’s fine, because it gives me a nice break through the stress of midterms…


VampireAcademy StormGlass Mediator1 Mediator2

I actually finished Vampire Academy on Sunday, and, if you remember correctly, I only started it Saturday night. Yep, I basically read it in one day. I was kind of worried about it, so I was surprised with how much I enjoyed it. I thought it did have its problems – such info-dumping that overwhelmed me, some slutshaming – but it was pretty much entertaining for me throughout, so that makes me happy! Hype didn’t ruin it, or at least my expectations!

Unfortunately, Storm Glass didn’t work out as well for me. It wasn’t that it was a bad book, it just wasn’t keeping me interested in the same way that the Study books and Touch of Power did, so after having a not great day, I finally put this aside and moved on to happily rereading The Mediator, which perked up my mood much more than the slight romantic melodrama in this book. I think I’ll stick to stories with Yelena and Avry as main characters – they were just much stronger and more interesting characters to me than Opal seemed to be after over half a book.

Rereading The Mediator has been going great, though! Just as entertaining as ever.


Mediator4 Mediator5 Mediator6 Frostbite WhenYouWereHere Amy&RogersEpicDetour ThroneofGlass Scarlet

I got the chance to go to the library this weekend, so my to-read pile has grown once again, but I read The Mediator books pretty quickly and I’m going on a mini-road-trip (kind of) next weekend, so this stack will probably shrink again soon.


ShadowKiss BloodPromise SpiritBound LastSacrifice BoyfriendApp

Yep, after enjoying Vampire Academy much more than I expected, I decided to put the rest of the series on my to-read shelf. They’re all available in ebook form, so I think I’ll be able to get my hands on them pretty easily and quickly. And I was listening to clips of audiobooks, despite my bad track record with them, and actually kind of liked the first couple minutes of The Boyfriend App, a cute-sounding debut that I’d heard a little about but mostly overlooked.



This is the cover for Sarah Ockler’s latest book. I’ve had a rocky track record with Ockler – I really didn’t like Twenty Boy Summer, was slightly “meh” about Bittersweet, and enjoyed Fixing Delilah and The Book of Broken Hearts, so quite up and down for me. This latest sounds quite interesting, especially since it’ll apparently touch on slutshaming aimed at the main character, but I don’t know how I feel about the cover. I do think it’s kind of cute, and the tags, invoking Facebook, is kind of clever, but the background just looks a little too fake for me and it’s odd having people on the cover since none of her books have had people (unless you count the hand you can see on Fixing Delilah, which I don’t). So, kind of cute but not my favorite.


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