Mini-Reviews: September


HarbingerThis is a book that’s been on my to-read shelf on Goodreads for a very long time, so it was disappointing to finally get my hands on it and be so unhappy with it.

The beginning seemed to start off pretty well, even though I wasn’t sure if I liked Faye that much. Unfortunately, things just got confusing and weird and uninteresting.

I didn’t care all that much about the mystery. I didn’t care about Faye. I didn’t care about the romance.

I started skimming, only really reading the dialogue. I had trouble getting pulled into the craziness the way Faye did, which meant I didn’t care about the story. I was huffing and puffing and rolling my eyes even though I was just reading the dialogue and the occasional descriptive paragraph when I was really confused.

By the end, when things got really weird, I was just happen to be done. I barely knew what was happening at that point and I didn’t really care. There were some interesting ideas, but they were much too buried for my taste. Some people might have a better time with this book, but because I couldn’t really connect with the protagonist or the story, I had trouble enjoying myself.


GraveMercyI first started reading this book in the car during a family trip this past summer, but I ran out of time to finish it, so I decided to pick it up later and see if I was more interested in it. Well, I did pick it up again later, and I just wasn’t all that interested.

I didn’t read a lot of it, probably only about 40 or 50ish pages. I didn’t think it was a bad book and I’m not surprised that many people are interested in it, but I just wasn’t drawn into the story. I couldn’t really get a good sense of who the protagonist was, which made it difficult for me to care about what was happening. There were some secondary characters that I probably would have liked if I had stuck with the story longer, but I just wasn’t interested enough to do that.

Mainly, there were things that I think were supposed to make me laugh or giggle or chuckle or some other synonym, but they just made me roll my eyes or not care at all. No offense, but I don’t really care to read about your “womanly charms” almost falling out of your dress and knowing that, even though you live at a convent that only has women, you still think dresses are pointless and silly and that only weapons are good.

So, yeah, not the book for me.


SnowballEffectThis is a book that’s been on my to-read shelf for a while and that sounded pretty quirky and interesting; unfortunately, I should have either waited even longer before trying it out so that it would have been better or I should have not bothered at all.

I didn’t get very far into this book at all, only about 10% if I remember correctly. Frankly, I couldn’t handle the way this book dealt with suicide. The book opens with the protagonist finding out that her mother has committed suicide, and while she seems kind of sad, she’s mostly annoyed and too busy scoffing at her mother for mourning the husband that died about half a year before she committed suicide. I didn’t want to deal with the cavalier view of suicide. Yeah, I get that she’s probably screwed up since her mother died, but her reaction didn’t seem like one of grief or anger because her mother was gone – it seemed like she was just irritated that her life was being messed with and that her mother was so selfish that she didn’t just “kill” her mother-in-law (the protagonist’s grandmother came up to take care of her mother after her second husband died and she died soon after getting home because she was elderly and weak from traveling and such – so, definitely sad, but not exactly her mother’s fault), but she also killed herself.

So, yeah, not the book for me at all.


LightThis was the sixth and final book in the Gone series. The whole series has been interesting, disgusting, devastating, saddening, maddening, frightening, terrifying, heart-breaking, funny, and so many more emotions. Really, so many different emotions while reading these books. I certainly wouldn’t want to see it on the big or little screens because there’s no way I could take all the gore and violence and frightening things, but it wasn’t too bad while reading it.

There were good things and bad about this last book. Characters died that I didn’t want to die, some wrap-ups for various characters were kind of cheesy (in a good way, though, after you’ve seen them go through so much hell), and an ending that seems perfect and too-good-too-be-true all at the same time. This wasn’t a perfect book or series, but it was pretty much always interesting, and despite its huge size, I sped through every book and kind of sad to leave these characters behind.


ShimmerofAngelsThis was not a good month for ebooks – this was yet another DNF. In fact, I only got about 8% into it before I gave up on it.

I already kind of wrote a mini-review for this on Goodreads, so I’m not going to bother repeating everything here. All you really need to know is that the protagonist, a lack of interest in the story, and reviews all combined to make me put down this book. I just wasn’t getting engaged with the protagonist and her story at all, which made it difficult to keep reading, especially when I was much happier reading my physical book, The Boyfriend List. And most (all?) of the reviews I had read, which admittedly weren’t many, were fairly negative – they all seemed to agree that things started off well, but something would happen that brought the rating down. So, if I was uninterested and annoyed by the first few chapters, then surely things weren’t going to get better.

So, another book that wasn’t for me. There seemed to be plenty of them this month. Good thing I had Ruby Oliver to cheer me back up.



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